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Friday, November 1, 2013

Healthcare.gov Incompetence is on Purpose

By Tom Rhodes, 10/31/2013

The initial launch of Healthcare.gov is a mitigated and obviously incompetent disaster. It is so bad technically that such incompetence cannot be happenstance. The fact is it was purposefully inept in its initial implementation. Yes I said purposefully. The reasoning is clear. The technology to smoothly produce the site is more than available; just use eBay, Google, or Amazon which handle tens of millions of transactions daily. You don't spend those hundreds of millions and get such crap software, they have good effective software for the site, and it will be implemented eventually, at the most effective time. Healthcare.gov's failure is not an accident, because its initial failure did as planned and produced the predictable massive backlash, and attacks against Healthcare.gov, effectively moving the argument to the technical implementation. Healthcare.gov is not Obamacare.

When the smoke clears and the technical "fixes" are announced the new mantra will be that those who continue to denounce and resist Obamacare are the obstructionists. Malcontents who simply hate Obama and no matter what he does good or bad they are against it because they are racists. The actual reality of Obamacare will not be the argument. Fixing Healthcare.gov will equal fixing Obamacare. They can't actually fix Obamacare but making Healthcare.gov work is not going to be a problem. They know how to make it work, knew before they rolled it out, and in fact planned on the initial rollout being horrible, so they could have a "success" in making Obamacare work.

This misdirection is brilliant and the press will support it. Healthcare.gov is not the problem, no matter if it is administered efficiently or poorly, the problem is that Obamacare is Totalitarian!! And good efficient totalitarianism is still Totalitarianism.

Obama and Co. with the compliant press successfully stigmatize anybody opposing Obamacare when they fix a web site. Think about that. They have effectively equated how well a web site works to accepting totalitarian government. The Rove elitists in the GOP are attacking the TEA Party, once Healthcare.gov is fixed the elitists in both parties are going to demonize any GOP or Independent who still opposed Obamacare. The GOP establishment is with this program. This is a maneuver worth of Machiavelli.

Obama's supposed tactical incompetence is a strategic maneuver that will result in taking away attacks on Obamacare as an effective political tool. The establishment Republicans are collaborating with the Democrats, because both liked the status quo (increased statism), and hate the idea that Ted Cruz, and TEA Party Republicans, and Libertarians rocking the boat.

There is no way this maneuver will be thwarted, unless those denouncing the incompetent execution of the Healthcare.gov make it crystal clear that the poor implementation of Healthcare.gov is not the reason Americans oppose Obamacare. The arguments have to be made and brought to the front that Americans Oppose Obamacare because it is a Totalitarian Mandate. We don't care if it is efficiently implemented or not, we don't want it implemented. But because the elitists in the GOP are on the program, the attacks are going to be against Healthcare.gov not Obamacare, and the fervent attacks against libertarians regardless of party, mean this message will be attacked.

We need to get the message away from the poor execution of a web site. Who cares! That's a technical "problem" that can and will be fixed. How well Healthcare.gov works isn't the issue, the issue is being forced to purchase a product or service that meets government standards whether we want that product or not, whether we "need" that product or not. The Issue is government dictating what a doctor can't and can't do on his patient's behalf. The issue is government taking over 1/6th of the country's economy.

Mark my words, the Healthcare.gov will be fixed, and magically be able to handle the volume, and thus the "fix" of Healthcare.gov will be equated with fixing Obamacare. It's a ploy to discredit any who oppose Obamacare and it will work.

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