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Monday, November 4, 2013

Democrats Call for Certain Tradesman to be Slaves of the State

By Tom Rhodes, 11/4/2013

The reality is that Democrats believe in totalitarianism; not that the Republicans are much better. On Nov, 1st, in a debate, Kathleen Murphy, Democrat candidate for Virginia’s House of Delegates, said she believed that the government by law, should force doctors to accept Medicare and Medicaid patients. Murphy’s reasoning was that because many doctors are not accepting Medicaid and Medicare patients, it should be a legal requirement for those people to be accepted.

That’s sick, she is saying that by law some people should be forced into working regardless of what they are paid. Many Primary Care Doctors are refusing to accept ne Medicaid and Medicare patients because the government payments don’t cover the costs of services rendered.

Forcing doctors to work, and paying them less than it costs to do that work can easily be seen to fit the very definition of slavery. The World English Dictionary defines slavery as follows:

1. the state or condition of being a slave; a civil relationship whereby one person has absolute power over another and controls his life, liberty, and fortune

2. the subjection of a person to another person, esp in being forced into work

3. the condition of being subject to some influence or habit

4. work done in harsh conditions for low pay

You can sugar coat it however you want, but Democrat Kathleen Murphy believes that there is a civil relationship between the state and doctors that grants the state absolute power of doctors’ life, liberty and fortunes. In fact the entire Obamacare law, which was passed with only Democrat votes in the house and senate, works under the authoritarian belief that the state has absolute power of the citizens and can force them to purchase the products and services the state demands. You as a mere citizen do not have the freedom to choose how much or even if you want to purchase health insurance. When it comes to healthcare, the State has absolute power over you.

There are other methods authoritarian totalitarians use to enslave the masses. If you were trying to keep more and more people as debt slaves to you, then pushing more and more people into programs that indebt them and no means to get out of that debt would be a good method. Like pushing the idea that ALL students should be prepared for and go to college. The reality is that this idea and policy creates massive numbers of people, who shouldn’t have gone to college, to being deep in student loan debt and have no degrees or worthless degrees. Note how the government owns all student loans, and there are no methods, including bankruptcy, to ever discharge that debt and it is at higher interest rate and suffers greater penalties than other loans.

The system works as designed. NCLB, and education debt are a more subtle, hidden way to enslave the masses, but the Democrats aren’t even trying to hide their totalitarian mindset anymore. What would you call, a government that forces certain tradesmen work regardless of pay, if not totalitarianism?

Do you have a right to working indoor plumbing, and as such a right to force plumbers to keep your plumbing in good repair? Nothing has proven to benefit the health of people than modern plumbing. Would you accept the idea that the government can decree by law a plumber must fix toilets and accept payment for repairs less than the cost of doing the repair? Plumbers are tradesmen; their work has lead to longer lives and less disease than the work of doctors. Doctors are just that, highly trained individuals, a.k.a. tradesmen, in the healing trade.

Why are Democrats calling for people in certain trades to be enslaved by government? The bigger question is why is America and the press accepting of totalitarianism, that the Democrats so embolden, can openly call for enslaving people who are in certain trades and the press and the people don’t even notice?

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