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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Analysis Shows LP makes a difference

By Tom Rhodes, 11/6/2013

Here are the numbers from the 2013 Virginia Governor’s Election. What can we conclude from them?

* The dollars spent by Libertarian Candidate Sarvis must be qualified. The Huffington post reported that the Sarvis Campaign and Libertarian Party spent $93,000, but a single donor did spend $300,000 promoting Sarvis on his own.

The data shows a clear microcosm of the two major parties and the largest third party - the LP. It unambiguously demonstrates the priorities, methodology and effectiveness of each party on many levels. Unfortunately it also demonstrates that one single person smart enough to understand the effectiveness of each party’s financial skills can turn an election.

What we know and learn about Democrats

They believe:
* Cost is irrelevant
* Effective use of other people’s money is not important.
History has shown that they govern the same way they run elections.

What we know and learn about Republicans

They believe:
* Cost is marginally relevant
* The use of other people’s money will be noted but not closely.
History has shown they spend less than the Democrats to get similar results.
History has shown they govern the same way they run elections.

What we know and learn about Libertarians

They believe:
* Cost is extremely important
* Effective use of other people’s money is critical
History has shown they spend way less to get effective results.
History has shown they don’t have enough donors to win major elections.
History has shown they govern the same way they run elections.

What the Results Mean and Imply

Knowing the above to be true from viewing other elections, one person single handedly changed the results of the Virginia Governer’s Race. Knowing some basic facts including: the race and state are very evenly divided between the two major parties; the nominal dollars the LP has and historically spend only accounts for 1% of the vote; Libertarians consistently get more votes per dollar spent than either the Democrats or Republicans; and finally by a large margin Republicans lean more libertarian than Democrats.

A liberal Democrat with $300K to invest in the election did careful analysis and threw his money where it would be most effective - The Libertarian Party. In a virtual dead heat between McAuliffe and Cuccinelli his $300K if given to the Democrats to spend on McAuliffe would have been worth a half of a percent of the votes and would probably not made a difference. However, that same money would get 5% of the vote is spent on the Libertarian party. Knowing the LP pulls far more from the Republicans than the Democrats he rightly concluded the most effective use of his dollars would be supporting the LP. In fact neither the Democrats nor Republicans uses money as effectively as the LP - PERIOD!

What we know is that if just 9 rich republicans had joined the lone Democrat and put up $300K each, the election would have gone to the Saris. You won’t hear that from the MSM, that’s a scary thought. Just 10 rich guys, donating less than a third of a million dollars each, and the LP wins in Virginia.

Yes, the analysis is clear and the LP got used by a Democrat to sway a major election. The ruling elites in both parties won’t talk about or look at the effectiveness of the LP. Once the people learn how effective a little money can be in defeating the two factions of the statist ruling elite in Washington they know things will change.

You want to make a difference, put your money where your mouth is! Your $10 monthly donation to the LPF will be as effective as any $100 sent to the Democrats. You can make a difference, go to www.LPF.org and not only pledge, but send $10/month it will be more effective and put to better use than any democrat donating $100/month.

Florida’s a bigger state than Virginia, but then we have a better Candidate running for Governor too. If you’re a Republican businessman and are tired of ever increasing government interference in your business, then put them where they will do the most good and be most effective. The LP, or specifically the Adrian Wyllie Campaign. You cannot put your money to more effective use. You and a few fellow businessmen can make a difference and actually reduce the size of government.

“No party better uses a donated dollar better than the Libertarians, and we’ll do the same in government too.” ~ Pete Bloome, Director At Large, Libertarian Party of Florida Nov. 2013

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