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Friday, January 30, 2015

Main Stream Media is Biased

By Tom Rhodes, 1/30/2015

Yesterday I posted a short note on why you should not trust the Main Stream Media. Noting that the bias the news and try to control what you know about in order to help the government control the people. Yesterday’s example was just exposing the simple fact that there could be 200,000 people of all races and sexes and ages at a civil rights protest in Washington DC, on a cold January 22 in mid-winter, and the MSM didn’t even bother to tell you.

Today I will point out an example is far more egregious. Did you know that on January 16, in the name of their god, members of the religion of peace, Islam, burned down 45 churches in one country alone. The lack of the MSM coverage is to the point of negligence

Imagine the MSM coverage if 45 mosques were burned down in Italy, and the excuse was because some no-name Turkish satire magazine printed some derogatory pictures of the pope. Now image the press coverage didn’t interview a single Muslim leader from one of those mosques, nor even a single Muslim who attended one of those mosques. Now Imagine that in the very slight (about 5 total paragraphs between AP and Reuters) to that they quote an Italian Cardinal stressing Catholicism is a religion of peace and that most Catholics didn’t participate (while never condemning the act or the perpetrators). That is exactly what happened only the country was Niger, where Islamists burned down 45 churches because a no-name magazine in France printed derogatory pictures of Muhammad.

Obviously the MSM is trying to divert attention from the truth that doesn’t protect their agenda that multiculturalism will cure all our evils, and that we should ignore the fact that the overwhelming majority of barbaric violence in the world is being committed by Islamists, and that everywhere Islamists become a substantial percentage of the population, violence against Christians and Jews to drive them out or underground happens. It doesn’t matter that most Muslims are peaceable, they do nothing to stop the small number of Muslims who resort to violence against others.

The January 16th burning of 45 Christian Churches by Muslims in a single day in Niger should have been the biggest news after the Charlie Hebdo massacre. Instead the MSM covered it up. More than just being a voice for the state, the MSM is actively hostile to Christianity. Don’t trust the MSM, get your news someplace else.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Don't Trust MSM

by Tom Rhodes, 1/29/2015

You shouldn’t trust the main stream media, that includes Fox. Did you know that in the middle of wither this year 200,000 people showed up in Washington DC for a protest march? None of the major news organizations covered it; zero, zip, zilch, nada. What cause do you think would cause every major news media organization to boycott covering such a huge protest in our nation’s capital? January 22, 2015 200,000 people gathered to protest our government and you know nothing about it? Can you imagine a civil rights march anywhere in the USA of that size and the MSM not covering it?

Mario Lopez, President of the Hispanic Leadership Fund, had this to say about the MSM coverage, "When a massive group of 200,000 Americans of every ethnic, racial, religious, age and economic status peacefully unite for a cause that speaks to perhaps the most fundamental pillar of our society, it is news. Trying to pretend otherwise is irrational, irresponsible, and unprofessional."

If you don’t know what Civil Rights Protest brought nearly a quarter million Americans to Washington DC to protest last week, you should find another source of news. The MSM is biased, they try to dictate what you care about, find alternative sources of news and use them.

The reason you should not trust the MSM is clear, they are trying to direct your thoughts and knowledge, not report the news.

The Road to Barbarism

by Tom Rhodes, 1/29/2015

The road to barbarism is paved with good intentions. Let’s start with the definition so we’re on the same page. Barbarism being a barbarous or uncivilized state or condition. Sort of a circular definition so to be clear when saying something is barbarous, the meaning is clear. Barbarous means uncivilized; wild; savage; crude; savagely cruel or harsh: Modern western civilization is clearly reverting to barbarism, by opening its arms and letting inviting it to take over.

The following by most reasonable standards of western civilization are clearly barbaric acts; crucifixion, kidnapping girls and giving them away as wives or selling them into slavery, stoning for adultery, beheading people for religious beliefs, purging entire cities of people over religious beliefs, throwing acid on a woman’s face, slavery. These are all barbaric acts that happen in the news today.

Our acceptance of such barbarism is an indicator that we are becoming a barbaric not civilized culture. Our culture is rotting from within. The idea that is no moral difference between the Islamist barbarians waving hatchets at children in African orphanages run by Christian missionaries and American soldiers shooting armed terrorists in Iraq, you clearly are not civilized and embrace barbaric acts as equivalent to non-barbaric acts.

The idea that our government calls barbarians planning and acting out murderous deeds “workplace violence,” the logical conclusion is that the culture war is over and the barbarians have won. We no longer have civilized people writing our laws, prosecuting our criminals, and running our courts.

The source of this rot is easy to identify, multiculturalism. Rather than expecting immigrants to assimilate and change their culture to match where they move, we expect culture to adopt the ways of immigrants, or at least tolerate the invasion of cultures. When those immigrants are barbarians, civilized culture rots to barbarism.

From our entertainment to the actions of our president. As a society we are becoming barbaric. As entertainment we accept gory violence, rape, adultery, and a host of immoral and illegal acts as acceptable and “normal.” Society has unequivocally coarsened to savage standards. Liberty and freedom are dangerous, but for an uncivilized society much more dangerous. Our culture is rotting at its core. 30 years ago our president said “Well, when the president does it that means that it is not illegal,” that and his actions resulted in impeachment and being forced from office, and all he was guilty of was listening in on other politicians. Today the press, and political class praise the president for acting like a Warlord the way barbarian societies have done for eons. Our president openly defies the Constitution, and makes up laws at will, and clearly contradicts the laws as he sees fit, and the press and political elite justify it because the will of the people as expressed through their representatives won’t do as the warlord wants. That is an indicator of a society that is barbaric not civilized. The rule of law is gone.

Multiculturalism is the root of our cultural rot. Rather than having a culture that expects those who want to live within the benefits of that culture adopt the cultural norms, we’re destroying the culture by expecting society to accept barbaric and outlandish behavior. In essence multiculturalism asks majorities to abandon their culture.

Not all cultures are equal. Cultures that not only condone but call for barbaric acts as normative, are not equal to civilized cultures. Cultures that don’t believe in the rule of law, and believe laws should vary based on belief, birth, race, sex, etc. are not equal to civilized cultures that believe in both the rule of law and equality under the law. Such cultures are inferior and should be openly treated as such. Multiculturalism fatally handicaps a society. The idea that our culture is not superior to clearly barbaric cultures undermines our entire society, and is evidence of a society that is rotting from within.

Accepting people to live and be part of our society who reject the basic tenets on which our culture was established, is the seed that will destroy our society. If you reject the idea that all laws should apply to everybody equally, and that no person or group should have special rights, privileges, or punishments that differ from any other individual, you should not be allowed to enter our society.

Multiculturalism, the idea that you can have a society where people don’t have a shared set of values, and establishes governance on the idea that everybody’s values are equally valid, is not sustainable. Forcing multiculturalism on a society will not preserve the best of that society, it is observably destroying the fabric of the societies that embrace it.

The idea of multiculturalism, like many other utopian ideas, sounds like a nice concept. The intentions of those who promote multiculturalism are good. Those ideas ignore reality, not all cultures are equal, not all cultures are compatible, not all people have the same values. No amount of trying to force multiculturalism on a society will work anymore than trying to force people not to do drugs, or drink, or gamble is going to work. It assumes that all people are the same. They are not. Just as the road to hell is paved with good intentions, the road to barbarism is paved with multiculturalism.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Playing with Fire

By Pete Bloom 1/26/2015

Robert E. Lee once said “It is well that war is so terrible, otherwise we should grow too fond of it.” That seems to me to be a hard lesson our leaders in Washington have forgotten.

Hundreds of times over the recent decades US armed forces have been called upon to block, impose sanctions, punish or otherwise persuade by force enemies and potential enemies. The pace of intervention is increasing. From full scale war, to drone attacks to no-fly zones, to surgical strikes, to training boots on the ground, it really does seem that the USA is everywhere all the time calling the shots, so to speak.
The shock and awe of it all is exceeded only by how little it appears to have cost us. The trillions in bills spent on defense never seems to come due, nor have the military casualties, as tragic as they are, been so heavy that there is any general public outcry about it.

For better or worse, the USA is in a continuous state of war. Conflicts of all types have gone on for so long that our youth lives with constant war as just another feature of growing up. The latest example is in the decision by the President to send training troops to the Ukraine, currently in a state of civil war, which may embroil us with its neighbor, Russia.

You can be complacent about a lot of things, but certainly war is not one of them. Someday the bills will come due for this country, the war will come home, and the casualties will become painful. It is just a matter of time.

But just as easy money has a very strong appeal, so do easy military victories. The intoxicating power of the best armed and most professional military force in the world can turn the head of the most demure President and Congress leading us down paths that are not in our long-term interest. When the military option becomes as painless as it seems to be, it becomes easy to begin thinking that common interests and diplomacy have no place. If things aren’t going our way, simply use the
military to fix it. The President orders it and Congress automatically
pays for it. This kind of thinking, of course, is playing with fire.

Paradoxically, it also leads to a weakened military. Military strength is not static. It takes continuous injections of money that can
bankrupt the biggest treasury. It costs lives. War is the King’s
gamble, and the line between acceptable and unacceptable casualties cannot be exactly calculated. . What could be the effects of a further two trillion dollars in debt for war on Russia followed, perhaps, by casualty lists like losing an aircraft carrier with 5000 sailors? Will the average citizen keep on supporting such interventionist policies when those lost are their neighbors and their wealth is gone?

The never–ending War on Terror has had other effects too. US government officials have admitted to authorizing torture on prisoners, and using the military to do it. Our Presidents have used military drones to kill suspected US citizens overseas without public evidence or a trial. Men like General Clapper, the Director of National Intelligence, and John Brennan, head of the CIA, have been caught in bald-face lies to Congress, and they are not prosecuted for it. When such behavior is accepted, slowly, ideas like privacy, free travel, the right to property, free markets, the value of the individual, separation of powers, and due process become as quaint as great-grandma’s pantaloons.
There is now a whole generation of young people in the USA who have not known a world without an unconstitutional TSA or without government surveillance. Will our soldiers fight for unlimited debt, fewer liberties and endless war? Will we still value the Bill of Rights? It is this kind of devil’s calculus that Washington isn’t considering.

Maybe the Federal Government needs to go back to school and learn the hard lessons of those who have gone before.

But why do that when you can simply blow your problems away?

Pete Blome is a retired military officer and Chair of the Northwest Florida Libertarian Party, Niceville, FL 32578

Monday, January 19, 2015

Punishing Success

By Tom Rhodes, 1/19/2015

The socialist/Marxist values have taken over the USA. Rather than reward excellence we punish it. We reward just showing up. The whole idea that every kid who plays a sport win or lose gets a trophy is a problem. It teaches that regardless of how good you are, or how much effort you put in, you deserve admiration for just breathing. It has resulted in a group of people raised to believe that just because they show up they deserve an award.

A coach in the San Bernardino Unified School District has been given a 2 day suspension because his girls basketball team won a game. Coach Michael Anderson, who coaches both the junior varsity and varsity squads of Arroyo Valley High School’s girls basketball, after trouncing Bloomington High School, 161-2, was handed a 2 day suspension.

San Bernardino Unified School District official Maria Garcia said, “We are really emphasizing that we want them to pursue victory with honor, and that means playing the game with dignity, regardless of the outcome of the game.” The school district says that the walk-on coach’s suspension is a lesson in compassion and respect for opponents.

Respect is earned, Bloomington High Girls Basketball team did not earn any respect, they were clearly outmatched. If they had respected the superior ability of the Arroyo Valley team, when they were down by 50 or so they should have thrown in the towel, and forfeit the game. The accounts note that Arroyo Valley Girls tried (within reason) to give Bloomington a chance, running the shot clock down etc. But as the score indicates Bloomington was hapless against a far superior team. By not forfeiting when it was obvious they were perversely out classed, Bloomington did not show respect for a far superior opponent, wasting their time and effort.

That the San Bernardino Unified School District want to each is that you shouldn’t do your best if others can’t do as well as you. Imagine you doctor doing sloppy surgery because if he did his best it would make other surgeons look bad. Imagine a bridge engineer not putting in his best effort, because it would make other engineers feel bad about not being as good. Excellence should be rewarded not punished.

If you suck at something, too bad. Others shouldn’t be required to put in substandard effort because you aren’t as good as they are. Consider the U.S. men's basketball team beat Nigeria 156-73 in the 2012 Olympics, should the US men’s Olympic Basketball team have been punished?

Last night the Indianapolis Colts got their asses kicked by the New England Patriots, 45-7. This should be old hat to the colts who in 2011 lost to the New Orleans Saints 62 – 7. Should New England be penalized because they kicked Indy’s butt. Should the Saints have been penalized because they kicked the Colt’s butt. Or should we expect people to perform their very best and reward those who excel.

A coaches job is to teach his team how to work together, excel at what they do, and train them so their best effort wins. Coach Anderson took over the Arroyo Valley Girls Basketball team when it was a losing program and turned it around. For excelling at the very task he was assigned to do, the San Bernardino Unified School District punished him. The school system in America believes that it is more important that kids feel good about themselves than succeed. What the San Bernardino Unified School District is teaching the students is ill preparing them for college much less the real world. In the real world excellence is rewarded, just trying and failing, results in unemployment and minimum wage jobs.

Worse yet the government school is teaching kids that it’s wrong to do better than others, and demonstrating that doing your best will result in punishment. Image if the government applied that logic to other area’s they control. Imagine an entrepreneur who’s opened several successful businesses hiring lots of people being told by the government, “You’ve earned enough money”.

Can you image a top government official actually having the audacity to tell successful people that they’ve earned enough money? You might see people saying why bother, if I succeed I’ll be punished. Rather than spending their earnings, successful business might just sit on the cash, why risk it when success will result in punishment. Hell the whole economy would stagnate if that happened. The only new jobs would be minimum wage jobs, or part time. God forbid we should allow successful people have more than those who can’t or won’t perform to the levels of the successful.

You wonder what’s happened to America, we decided to give out trophies for just showing up, and started to punish those who do their best.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Islam Rejects Civilization

In Paris, Islamists in the name of Allah, brutally murdered 10 journalists and 2 police. They did so because they were upholding Islamic Law. Enough of this Politically Correct tolerance. Islam is incompatible with modern civilization.

At the heart of Islam are death penalties for free speech, reviled in Islam as “blasphemy,” and freedom of conscience, reviled in Islam as “apostasy.” As long as the majority of Muslim individuals who express revulsion at their murderous results fail to disavow these laws and demand their abolition, the non-Muslim world should consider and call out all of Islam as a barbaric religion of murderous violence not to be tolerated in modern civilized societies.

The Netherlands’ Geert Wilders, rightly responded to the Paris massacre with a statement:

The assassinations of 10 journalists and two policemen today in Paris serve as a warning to all the countries in the free world. We are at war. Charlie Hebdo was under police protection following numerous threats because of its outspoken criticism of Islam. Despite the protection by the police, terrorists were able to murder their opponents.

Western governments have to realize that we are at war. We should no longer show any respect for an ideology that rejects our fundamental values. The only way to defend our democratic values and fundamental freedoms is to start the de-Islamization of our societies.

We have to close our borders, reinstate border controls, get rid of political correctness, introduce administrative detention, and stop immigration from Islamic countries. We must defend ourselves. Enough is enough.

Even the Onion got it right “We live in a society in which every person is entitled to his or her own opinions, and every person is entitled to express those opinions without fear of harm. And that isn’t changing, whether a small minority of psychotic, murderous degenerates like it or not.”

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Civil War II has Begun

By Tom Rhodes, 12/21/2014

In NYC two police officers where assassinated, blame has been placed on retaliation for the prosecuted murder of a NYC citizen by the NYPD. This is what the start of Civil War II in the USA is going to look like. Civil War II won't involve troops and defined lines of engagement, it will be a 4th generation war. I suggest you read William S. Lind's book on the subject.

The police today no longer serve and protect, they exist to use force to instil the will of the ruling elite on the populace, they have an us vs. them mentality, and are clearly separate not part of their communities. As such war between the state and the people is inevitable. Vox Day notes that the police “are increasingly corrupt, increasingly frightened, increasingly gunned-up, increasingly feeling at war with the general population, and increasingly of a different ethnicity than the people with whom they are interacting on a regular basis.” Further stating that to avoid Civil War II, the police should “disarm completely, stop playing soldier, abandon the concept of 'law enforcement', and stop their confrontational tactics. This is highly unlikely, however, because most police officers recruited after the Drug War began are psychologically well-suited for confrontation and quasi-militarization. They're neither trained nor psychologically equipped to lower the temperature these days.”

I believe it's too late to prevent a new era of violence in the USA. The simple fact is that today's militarized police have lost their moral authority. In just a couple years, “Don't TAZE me Bro” has become “Don't Shoot me.” The press try to suppress and control the information, but the internet has destroyed the ability of the ruling elite to control what information the people get. We see the oppression of those who don't do as dictated by the police. Look at other news were 4 year old's are put in handcuffs, parents arrested for objecting at school board meetings, sleeping 7 yr old little girls shot by police and ruled justified, police justified throwing grenades into baby's cribs maiming them for life, or the people simply arrested for merely filming the police doing their job. When all legal recourse for true justice is taken away from the people, they have no choice but to seek to limit state power by whatever means they have.

As the government gets bigger and we get more and more laws trying to control every part of our lives, there will be more and more people seeking to terrorize the police into limiting their abuses, "just doing their job" is no excuse. We didn't accept that type of excuse at Nuremberg, and in the USA if the state won't willing limit itself and increases the use of force to make We the People capitulate to laws clearly beyond the authority We the People gave them, then it is not only the right but the Duty of We the People to resist.

The coming war against the state won't look like any traditional war. The people won't attack that military, rather it starts with the police, then moves to the bureaucrats and their families and then the business that supply the state. A direct confrontation against the government's military might would be fatal and stupid. Free people changed the rules of war and won against the mightiest force in the world, don't think that same spirit, determination, and resourcefulness doesn't still exist.

How is the state going to be able to hire people to enforce it's draconian laws, if those people who would take the job know they and their families are the targets. The only hope is for the police to demilitarize, quit using swat teams to make arrests for non-violent pot smokers, quit arresting people feeding the homeless, and return to a limited state with few powers. They forget that the people could eliminate every LEO in the country overnight. I'm not sure LEO's understand that very survival depends upon the good will of “We the People”. They should look up the Sicilian Vespers and sincerely think about their relations with common people.

Unless the majority of officers change their behavior and become willing to cross the thin blue line, and arrest and testify against other LEOs who routinely abuse their authority, no LEO should get any respect, they haven't earned it. Merely being a good cop who doesn't abuse their power isn't enough, they must protect the people from those cops who do abuse their power. LEOs have clearly demonstrated that protecting other cops is more important than protecting the people, thus don't deserve our support.

Friday, December 12, 2014

Republicans and Democrats Represent Parties of Violence

By Tom Rhodes, 12/12/2014

America is so Overcriminalized the government as controlled by the violent combination of Democrats and Republicans now routinely kills innocent citizens. Both parties lust for power, and are willing to use violence against the American people to keep and maintain that power. Neither party exists to complete the mission statement and purpose for which we the people instituted a government. George Will correctly characterized how the lust for using violence that both parties share has changed our government saying, “American government is increasingly characterized by an ugly and sometimes lethal irresponsibility.”

At one time our society was just, not perfect, but at least we ascribed to the goals of justice and the rule of law. Both ideas have been abandoned by both the Democrats and Republicans, ignoring the wise words of our forefathers and the principles this nation was founded. When we had a just society we had few laws, and those laws were easy to understand and they focused on protecting life, liberty, and property. Today it is impossible for any person to understand much less know all the laws that they are ruled by, much less abide by all of them. Professor Steven Carter of Yale Law School explains the legal reality that now exists in America:

…federal law alone includes more than 3,000 crimes, fewer than half of which found in the Federal Criminal Code. The rest are scattered through other statutes. A citizen who wants to abide by the law has no quick and easy way to find out what the law actually is — a violation of the traditional principle that the state cannot punish without fair notice. In addition to these statutes, he writes, an astonishing 300,000 or more federal regulations may be enforceable through criminal punishment in the discretion of an administrative agency. Nobody knows the number for sure. Husak cites estimates that more than 70 percent of American adults have committed a crime that could lead to imprisonment. …making an offense criminal also means that the police will go armed to enforce it. Overcriminalization matters… Every new law requires enforcement; every act of enforcement includes the possibility of violence. …Don’t ever fight to make something illegal unless you’re willing to risk the lives of your fellow citizens to get your way.

One thing is clear and proven by the hundreds of people killed every year by the police, any law that comes with a fine or possibility of arrest, the government is saying do as we dictate or we will kill you. Laws and government are force, and the threat of violent force and death is what backs up the law. Ask Mr. Garner, who is now dead, because the Democrats and Republicans created laws that said selling cigarettes without collecting the appropriate tax is illegal, and failure to do so we will send armed men, with the authority to kill you, to force you to comply. Why does NY put such a huge tax on cigarettes that it is estimated that 70% of cigarettes in NY were obtained on the black market? Because they think smoking is bad for you and want to change your behavior and punish you if you don’t do what they think is best. They are willing to kill you, if you try to avoid paying their punishment for not behaving as they dictate is in your best interest.

The government wants to control you and your choices. To enforce punitive taxes on tobacco products, the government is willing to kill you. Oh they will say it’s not breaking the tobacco tax law that got Garner killed, it’s resisting arrest. That makes it worse, the fact that you won’t accept the government control, and would dare resist the government controlling your voluntary actions is grounds for you death. It was the cigarette tax laws that can lead to the death of those the police seek to arrest.

Do a quick Youtube search and you can find hundreds of videos of police beating up people who would dare question their authority. Mention your constitutional rights, like freedom of the press, freedom of speech, freedom to remain silent, freedom to travel, and you are likely to be detained and assaulted for “resisting arrest.”

You law and order Republicans, you’re violent statists who are willing to have kill people to enforce your ideas on how people ought to live. You think people who choose to take drugs for recreational purposes are so evil that the government should control their actions, and if they resist the government control of their voluntary actions the government should use force, up to and including killing such individual if they don’t submit to the government. The difference between a Republican and most libertarians is that although both generally dislike recreational drugs, and think that recreational drug use is not a wise idea, libertarians are not willing to let someone else get killed because they have a different perspective.

Uber liberal, socialist, and statist, Barney Frank in 2009 said, "Criminalizing choices that adults make because we think they are unwise ones, when the choices involved have no negative effect on the rights of others, is not appropriate in a free society." That of course was Democrat Hyperbole. He voted to make it illegal for you to use the light bulb of your choice, voted to limit free speech over the internet, voted for more government regulations on what you can and can’t eat, cosponsored laws giving the government more oversight in tobacco products, voted against retailers being allowed to set their own prices, and is famous for voting to control who banks must lend money. Obvioulsy he like most Democrats talks about people being allowed to make their own choices, so long as those are the choices he approves, otherwise he is quite willing to send armed government officials to force you to capitulate, and who have the authority to kill you if you refuse.

The actions of both the Democrats and Republicans clearly demonstrate they are OK with using the violent force to dictate that you live the way they think is best, and have opted for trying to control you through violence or the threat of violence. If you think that isn’t true, ask yourself why the BLM needs to be armed and have massive amounts of weapons and ammo? Why does the Dept. of Education, Department of the Interior, Environmental Protection Agency, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of Agriculture, Department of Veterans Affairs, Department of Commerce, Department of Energy, Department of Health & Human Service, Department of Interior, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, Railroad Retirement Board, Small Business Administration, Social Security Administration, need armed need armed law enforcement officers? The answer is clear, they are willing to use the threat of violence and even kill the people to enforce the rules and regulations of those departments.
Even the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has armed officers.

Democrats and Republicans so want to rule over everybody, they’ve created and armed a zillion Departments of Whatever. Anybody’s failure to comply with the hundreds of thousands of laws and regulations can, and often does, result in violent force used to rule over everybody. Republicans and Democrats have proven the are willing to risk the lives of their fellow citizens to get their own way, they make all sorts of things illegal, and authorize the use of force up to and including killing citizens who fail to capitulate.

Are you willing to allow the government the right to kill other citizens who don’t share you’re belief that people shouldn’t do recreational drugs?

Are you willing to stand by and let another person die at the hands of the government, because they choose to bet playing cards?

Do you think someone should lose his life because he offered to pay for sex? Do you think a person who takes money in exchange for sex should die at the hands of government? I think prostitution is wrong, it’s bad for both the prostitute and the solicitor, but it’s a voluntary exchange and I don’t think I have a right controlling how others live. Because I think it’s wrong, I am personally boycotting prostitutes and urge others to do the same. What I don’t do is threaten others by saying I’ll send people authorized to use force and punish you if you choose purchase or sell sex. If you support laws that make prostitution illegal you are saying that you are willing to kill people who are willing to refuse to accept your control of their sex lives.

The ruling elite, be they Republicans and Democrats, want to control you and your life. They have proven willing to hire, train, and arm people and send them to force you to comply, they have authorized those people to kill you if you fail to comply. Sell loosies on the streets of NY, you could get dead. It’s a shame so many are willing to use violence to control how others live.

Ask yourself these question about any law: Does this law make a voluntary choice of an individual that has no direct effect on the rights of another a crime? If someone refuses to obey a law, should the government have the authority to use violent force to enforce it, even killing those who refuse to obey? If you can’t answer yes to both questions you should oppose the law, and demand it be repealed.

Monday, December 8, 2014

Reality Check - America Not Working

Reality Check - America Not Working
By Tom Rhodes, 12/8/2014

The news last week is about Black Friday sales dropping 11% since last year, and China surpassing the USA as the world’s Number 1 economy. The question to as is: Is China doing better or the USA doing worse? And Why? Employment records tell the story. The USA is doing worse. America isn’t working anymore. To be the Number 1 economy you have to be doing stuff. We aren’t.

About 100 million American who could be working aren’t. We’re not talking about kids and old folk, but 1 in 4 Americans between the age of 25 and 54 are not working. How is it possible that 1 in 4 working aged adults is idle? That idleness translates into a declining economy.

Here’s another interesting fact. 1 in 4 kids live below the poverty level. Now the description of poverty in the USA doesn’t match the description of poverty in other parts of the world. Does the fact that 1 in for adults in their prime working age are idle matches the 1 in 4 kids living in poverty sound coincidental?

Think about what it means when 1 in 3 adults between the age of 25 and 54 are working. Remember TANSTAAFL . To feed, and provide entertainment to the 100 million non-working adults even at what the USA classifies as poverty levels isn’t cheap. Not very many of those 100 million working age adults have a wealthy inheritance, nor are very many disabled. As of Novermber 2014 there are 119 Million full time workers. And of those 119 Million, around 30 Million work for the government. Full time government employees are paid out of tax dollars, hence other workers pay their salaries, they are by definition drain’s on non-government worker salaries. Ouch, That means that to support the 100 million non-working adults, plus 30 million government employees, and the 100 million or so kids, disabled, and old folks, there are only 90 Million people working.

That pretty much answers the question of why the USA is no longer the Number 1 economy in the world. We’re not working. That answers the question on why a middle class income can no longer afford to purchase a new car. We’re not working. That answers the question of why we spent $11 Billion less on Black Friday. We’re not working. That pretty much answers the question of why 1 in 4 kids live below the poverty level. We’re not working.

How is it possible that 100 Million working age adults don’t work? Are there that many stay at home moms? I don’t think so. Are there that many millionaires who are independently wealthy and don’t have to work? I don’t think so?

What makes that possible is a simple fact, in America today one doesn’t have to work in to eat. Not only don’t you have to work to eat, but the idle in the USA have cable TV, cell phones and free health care.

I would say soon you will see those working, quit working, why bother when you can get by without working, but I can't, soon is now. We’ve crossed the tipping point, and this is what it looks like when people go Galt. Why work if you don’t have to, especially when out of your pay check the government is going to take enough take care of somebody else. Why not be the somebody else? What does it look like when working age adults, go idle – China exceeds USA as Number 1 economy and Black Friday sales take a 11% drop.

Obama noticed and even said so, but just not clearly. Being a stay at home mom taking care of her kids is a choice "we don't want" women to make. He wants, nay needs, able bodied people working, but we're not, as a nation too many of us have gon Galt.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Questions raised by Ferguson

By Tom Rhodes, 12/2/2014

If the President and his Attorney General want to raise public awareness of the mistreatment of blacks in our judicial system, aren't they trivializing their own cause by using a case in which the facts don't support that objective?

There were lots of witnesses willing to testify about Brown’s death, why when there is black on black crime in black communities can’t lots of witnesses be found?

President Obama depicted Brown as a victim, by doing so isn't he attacking the grand jury and undermining the justice system, and attacking governmental credibility in general?

It appears as though the evidence in Ferguson indicates that Brown was killed as a result of his violent actions, yet there is ample evidence of the police getting away with violence against innocent blacks all across the country, from infants in play pens and sleeping little girls, to choking to death giant handcuffed men. Why isn’t Attorney General Holder, looking at the plethora of cases where police are exonerated for killing a black person under far more questionable circumstances? Why does the black community have to riot, to get the nation to examine the Thin Blue Line and the non-accountability of law enforcement?

Why were reporters eating lunch at McDonalds Arrested?

Why does the black community get all up in arms, riot, and loot their own communities, when a black criminal is shot by a white cop, they cry and demand “justice,” but they are silent and do nothing about the massive numbers of other killings and violent crime against blacks in their own communities that are known to be perpetrated by other blacks?

By depicting Brown as a victim, is Obama going against yet another promise, and rather than healing the racial tension in America exacerbating it?

How exactly is black on black looting caused by white on black racism?

In refusing to honor the grand jury's findings, is Attorney General Holder attacking the grand jury and undermining the justice system in general?

By depicting Brown as a victim, regardless of the actual physical evidence and grand jury finding, is Obama purposefully driving a wedge between the black community and law enforcement?

Were the riots in Ferguson orchestrated in advance, and the grand jury's decision as an excuse?

History has repeatedly shown that where blacks riot and loot, local businesses and the tax paying portion of the population flee that city resulting in collapse of the local economy. Will Ferguson and possibly St. Louis become the next Detroit?

The general acceptance of law enforcement failure to protect constitutional rights of blacks, and bypass constitutional protection against search, seizure, and due process against blacks has been tolerated by the government and the people. This has obviously lead the police to act as though they cannot or will not be held accountable for violating the people’s constitutional rights regardless of race. Youtube is full of video of government agents violating individual rights. Because even proving that an officer violated an individual’s rights rarely if ever results in the officer suffering more than a slap on the wrist, as the people realize that in reality they have no legal means of justice when their rights are violated by the government, will we soon see general uprising against police by more than just minorities? Will the Bundy Ranch and Ferguson become the only means of the people seeking justice before an increasingly tyrannical government that is militarizing the police to control rather than serve the people?