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Monday, November 25, 2013

The Fifth Synod of the Intergovernmental Pentecostal Church of Climatology

By Tom Rhodes, 11/25/2013

The assessment report issued by Fifth Synod of the Intergovernmental Pentecostal Church of Climatology (IPCC) makes clear that climate alarmism is now and has always been a matter of faith. Fully acknowledging the natural revelations that science shows the mean temperature of God-Planet Earth is not directly tied to the concentration of the weak greenhouse gas, carbon dioxide. Our puny human inputs are not as significant as the natural forces that influence the planet's climate. That science doesn't matter.

The IPCC recognizes that the God-Plant Earth can and does regulate its own temperature and varies it at its own discretion, using volcanoes to pump particulate matter into the air and lower global temperatures by dissipating sunlight and its oceans as enormous heat sinks effectively buffer natural temperature variations. The Intergovernmental Pentecostal Church of Climatology (IPCC) even recognizes that the ultimate source of our temperature fluctuations is the Sun, and the Sun's variations and fluctuations influence our lives far more than the mere actions of puny people.

Although the Intergovernmental Pentecostal Church of Climatology (IPCC) recognizes these as facts, it treats any who would publically say them as heretics. They decry and admonish those members of the American Meteorological Society (AMS) who earn their living predicting the weather, to abandon their scientifically sound observations of the climate and only accept the those members who earn a living by writing for IPCC and other [ open air quote ] scholarly [ close air quote ] journals promoting doom and gloom if man made global warming isn't stopped.

Intergovernmental Pentecostal Church of Climatology (IPCC), demands that to avoid the sin of heresy its faithful must forgo using the scientific method and objective rational examination of the evidence. They have Declared the [ open air quote ] Science is Settled[ close air quote ]. Noting that the models don't work, that the evidence doesn't support the IPCC declarations is heresy, and there heinous consequences for lack of orthodoxy.

The leaders of Intergovernmental Pentecostal Church of Climatology (IPCC) demand that we mere peasants (including AMS meteorologists who don't support man made climate change theory), are not qualified to understand the subtle nuances of climate science. Those educated elite ordained by the IPCC are not to be questioned, ever! Just as common man of the pre-reformation Church weren't qualified to read the Bible. Just as the Church then dictated that the peasants could not understand the mysterious motions of the heavens then, and were commanded to accept the Church's declaration that the Science is Settled, the Sun and Heavens Revolve around the Earth. Today the IPCC demands that mere people accept their dictates on faith.

Today Al Gore is the modern day papal astronomer declaring the dictates of the pope; in this case crying the evil of man using energy to better his life. The liberal faithful decry those who don't pay homage to the mantra of the day; a mantra used to control the masses who must not be allowed to question the ruling elite. Like the reformation of the church lead to the Enlightenment, and libertarian thought and a rejection of the totalitarianism of the church and feudal government; a reformation in the UN's IPCC (Intergovernmental Pentecostal Church of Climatology) will lead to embracing rational thought and rejection of the tyranny of central control by the UN or any other body.

A consensus of scientists used to believe the earth was flat, that the stars rotated around the earth, that bleeding sick people would heal them and a litany of falsehoods. A consensus of scientists saying man is causing climate change doesn't make it so, especially when some elitist snobs say there is a consensus and the science is settled when there is no consensus and the science isn't settled.

The Intergovernmental Pentecostal Church of Climatology (IPCC) has declared rational verifiable truth heresy. Call me a heretic, the man caused global climate change models fail the test of reality, and the scientific method. Current politics concerning climate is not scientific, it is a tool used by elitists to attempt to reestablish control of the masses. The ruling elitist snobs just seek a excuse for control, they don't care about the environment. Look at the actions and carbon foot print of Al Gore, and the whole do as I dictate not as I do crowd associated with "climate change." The goal is to concentrate power and wealth, nothing more.

To trust the IPCC you cannot do it based on sound rational science, instead you must have faith to accept the dictates of the IPCC. Don't! they have been caught in too many lies, too many cover-ups, and proven to be wrong too often to trust them, much less make decisions based on their recommendations that affect hundreds of millions of people.

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