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Saturday, November 23, 2013

Rule of Law / Worldview

Rule of Law / Worldview
By Tom Rhodes, 11/23/2013

You have a weltanschauung, or worldview. It is your comprehensive view or personal philosophy of human life and the universe. For culture and societies to prosper and flourish they must share a worldview, when people have drastically different weltanschauung there is conflict, often violent. Obama wanted “Change” for America, the problem is he doesn’t share the same weltanschauung as the vast majority of society. America is undergoing drastic changes because we no longer share a common world view. Obama’s first and foremost attack is on a fundamental of our culture to force acceptance of his worldview on a society which was founded on and rejected, that being the rule of law.

Truth is a stumbling block to those who do not want to be ruled by law. That’s why Obama infamously noted that the problem with being president was the constitution keeps getting in the way of “getting things done.” The simple observable objective truth that you cannot ignore is that you CANNOT have the rule of law and majority rule at the same time.

This blog has extensive articles on the Rule of Law. It’s a worldview that most liberals and big government statists now reject. It’s origins are Biblical, as in Judeo- Christian. Read here for more on that subject

Since becoming president, Obama has routinely rejected the rule of law, granting exemptions, special favors, and instead ruling by divine fiat just as kings of old. The reason is he has a Pagan not Christian world view.

A modern pagan generally calls themselves atheists, although some revere Gaia, but in general it’s based on rejecting the Judeo-Christian God. Such a world view is statist not liberal nor conservative:

  • The state is divine
  • State authority is unlimited
  • Which leads to state worship
  • Resulting in tyranny
  • Based on evolution

    A Biblical worldview, is not statist nor liberal nor conservative, in general it results in what today is know as libertarian:

  • The state is divinely ordained (Exodus 18:21)
  • State authority is limited
  • Which leads to patriotism
  • Which results in a republic (Article 4, United States Constitution)
  • Based on creation

    America is a republic not a democracy. The difference is world view, a republic is ruled by law a democracy is ruled by opinion. Well we used to have a republic based on a Christian world view, today we have a tyranny based on worshiping the state. Statist leaders get angry that the people don’t just obey their tens of thousands of laws, they firmly believe that the ruling elite know better how everybody should live and reject the rule of law. Imagine if a congressman got caught doing drugs and was subjected to the same treatment as a 20 yr old black man. The rule of is dead.

    If you doubt the Christian foundations for the rule of law, read this
    The Christian foundations of the rule of law in the West: a legacy of liberty and resistance against tyranny,
    before you comment. Whether my fellow Libertarians accept it or not, libertarian values are rooted in Christianity, not secularism.

    Today statists worship the state as protector, provider, and ruler. A worldview that is destroying America. Until and unless the voters and our culture adopt a world view that doesn’t assume that rulers are above the law, including our police, and we revert to embracing the radical idea that NOBODY is above the law, we are destined to go the way or Rome. From the Knockout game to Too Big To fail, each end of the socioeconomic spectrum, our society has rejected the rule of law. That is why the LP only gets a small percentage of the vote. If libertarians were elected, and insisted on the rule of law, the treatment of “troubled teens” or congressmen when breaking the same law would be the same.

    Franklin famously said our form of governmet was a Republic, "If we could keep it."

    So what do you want Rule of Law or rule of the majority, you can't have both.
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