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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Understanding America

We have a fundamental problem, the political elite, especially the Democrats, do not understand America. When they won power in 2008 and thought America wanted liberal socialistic solutions and the government to take care of her. They didn't realize it was not votes for "progressive" change, but the votes against the leftist turn the party in power, Republicans, had taken.

G.W. Bush was arguably more liberal than Clinton and must be the most liberal republican president in history. Government spending for education, health care, etc. increased sharply under G.W. Bush. The bailouts and "progressive" policies he undertook, and hawkish military involvement in foreign countries is very reminiscent of LBJ's actions in the 60's and didn't look like any other Republican in history.

Republicans and independents threw out the republicans, because of the left turn towards "progressives" the Republican Party took. In 2008 the Republicans offered up an old tired wishy-washy senator whose name, McCain-Feingold, is stamped on legislation (now declared unconstitutional) that limited the freedom of speech around election time. America, when offered the choice of that tired old leftist claiming to be conservative, or a young leftist who was at least is honest about his beliefs, didn’t consider it wasn’t much of a choice. She voted and the old guard liar lost.

America is alive; she is personified in the Statue of Liberty in NYC, and in the statues of Lady Justice throughout her halls of justice. The reason why we have a problem with illegal immigrants is that even the poor unwashed masses of other countries understand America better than the current ruling elitists. America is not about unity, she is about Freedom. She’s about the citizens governing themselves not being ruled by some elites. She’s not about what who your parents were but about what you will make of yourself. America will let you build a life for yourself that is not possible in most of the rest of the world. People are willing to risk, jail, hardship, and their very lives to get to America, because they believe she is worth it.

America is not a democracy. She is not about unity. She is not about making sure that life is fair. She knows that life isn’t fair, and that what’s best is to provide everybody with clear and fair rules, and to enforce them impartially for everybody. She is the embodiment of the rule of law. America knows that this will result in some people being more successful than others, and accepts that people in the free pursuit of what’s in their own best interest will have different outcomes. She is defined by the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and clarified in the founding documents like the Federalist Papers. The totality of the Declaration of Independence and Bill of Rights is to embrace liberty not unity.

  • Freedom of Religion – the people are allowed to be Jew, Christian, Muslim or atheist. Dis-unity not unity is protected.

  • Freedom of Speech – the people are allowed to express themselves differently, whither KKK, Black Panthers, or moon-bat conspiratorialists. Dis-unity not unity is protected.

  • Freedom of the Press – the people are allowed to publish information that the government doesn’t control, free to criticize and praise not only the government, but movies, sports teams, religions, etc. Dis-unity not unity is protected.

  • Freedom to Assemble – the people are allowed to freely associate and voluntarily form groups which restrict membership to those who think, act, or believe alike. Dis-unity not unity is protected.

    The concept of “Unity” is a joke and contrary to the American ideal. What does the American who wants to be free do when the current ruling elite want us to be “Unified” not free? How does a person who only wants liberty and equal protection under the law exist when the ruling elite believe and have convinced a segment of Americans that they have a “right” to the labor and property of other Americans even though they haven’t earned it?

    America is about Liberty!

    In order to be free, we’ve got to have a government that acts with a purpose. The leftist elites, have forgotten the purpose of our government, thus America is clearly showing her displeasure. Congress has only an 11% approval rate. 58% of the people didn’t want Obamacare, we got it anyway. Rasmussen polls show that two thirds of the people want smaller government with less government services, fewer government employees, and less government debt. The only people who want or think the government should be responsible for all the citizen’s needs are elitist snobs from Ivy League schools who don’t suffer the implementation of their ideas, and citizens fueled by envy who demand economic rewards they haven’t earned. They don’t understand the purpose of America, a purpose that is unique among all governments in the world, is that she was established to protect the life, liberty, property, and use of that property (happiness) for individual citizens. That all people are free to prosper (or suffer) based on their own individual industry. This unique purpose made America the most prosperous, generous, power the world has ever seen.

    We cannot have liberty when elected leaders ignore the purpose of government. With one or two exceptions the current crop of elected leaders act as if they are sent to get re-elected, maintain power, and distribute political favors. Their words are useless because their actions show that they believe that the purpose of government is power over the people not protecting the liberty of the people. The elitists at the top of the social economic ladder fuel the problems of the poor and then promise them economic rewards they haven’t earned. They no longer govern at the consent of the people; they ignore the rule of law, and the purpose they were sent to Washington. The Obama administration is upset at the recent exposure of the memo to effectively grant amnesty to illegal aliens thru executive order by simply failing to enforce the law. You can read it HERE. That is just the latest exposure of the Obama administration ignoring law, and acting like a third world dictatorship, other examples are: extorting twenty billion dollars from BP absent any law or due process; ignoring bankruptcy law and giving unions preferential treatment over creditors who had solid legal claims in GM’s bankruptcy; firing executives of private companies with no law or due process; and exempting Interpol from following constitutional protections for US citizens when working in the US.

    Ignoring the plain purpose of our government, the rule of law, and the will of the people is clearly diminishing the trust and faith of America in her government. How can we possibly have a government that works when doesn’t do what it is supposed to do? Why do so many elected officials ignore their oath of office, and forget that the reason they were sent to Washington was to protect the liberty of individual citizens, not control them, not to feed them, not to insure them, not to grant them economic rewards, but protect their ability to enjoy the rewards they have earned for themselves?

    A huge portion of American still believes in the old Revolutionary War slogan, “Liberty or Death”, or in the more modern version as seen on millions of biker T-shirts and Tattoos – “Live Free or Die.” The ruling progressive elitists (Democrat and Republican) don’t understand that sentiment and dismiss it as ignorant and irrelevant. That sentiment is the very basis for the formation of the US government. What they also fail to comprehend is that a significant portion of our population is fed up; people are becoming politically active who have never before considered being active. They are buying Gadsden flags at unbelievable rates. The heart and soul of the “Don’t Tread on Me” Gadsden Flag is the rattle snake. Concerning the image of America, the timber rattler found on the Gadsden Flag, it is said that "She never begins an attack, nor, when once engaged, ever surrenders: She is therefore an emblem of magnanimity and true courage. ... she never wounds 'till she has generously given notice, even to her enemy, and cautioned him against the danger of treading on her" ~ some attribute this quote to Ben Franklin.

    The timber rattler, the heart and soul of the Gadsden flag, is also the heart and soul of America, who through polls, town hall meetings, Tea Parties, and individual notifications by fax, email, and phone to congress is giving notice and cautioning government against treading on her. If the government persists on treading on the rights of America they will force her to engage, and once engaged she will never surrender until her liberty is restored or she is dead. I hope and pray that the leaders we choose in elections later this year understand America and her purpose; I hope and pray they understand the resolve of America who is once again taking ownership of her foundational principles of Liberty.
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