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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Maybe there is Hope!

Here in Citrus County there are definite signs of hope. The electorate showed up for the primaries with over 30% of the people and trashed incumbents. The “Good Ol’ Boy” network in Citrus County has been shaken to its core.

We the people of Citrus County Fired:
  • Commissioner Gary Bartell, and put in John “JJ” Kenney as the candidate of choice. Bartell was a 20-year incumbent who had never lost a political race in Citrus County.

  • Commissioner John Thrumston a virtual yes man for Republican money men, will not be running again. Rebecca Bays will represent the GOP in the elections in November. Rebecca is a strong conservative with some libertarian leanings and was a far better choice than Thrumston.

  • School board member Lou Miele, a nice guy but not a leader and will not serve a third term. Thomas Kennedy, a parent with students in the school system, will be a welcome addition.

  • State Rep. Ron Schultz in a close race lost to Jimmie T. Smith, a conservative Republican with libertarian leanings. Schultz a consummate GOP insider, was hammered on tax issues and his voting record.

    Maybe the political elite in Citrus County will see that the people are fed up, and that elections can no longer just be bought.

    Now all we need to do is get the Socialist School Board Superintendent fired. If you don’t know, in 2008 Crystal River High School was awarded $100,000 for its innovations by the Gates Foundation, but Superintendent Sandy Himmel wouldn’t allow CRHS to accept it because the other schools wouldn’t be fair to the other schools. CRHS put a lot of effort and hard work into applying for and earning that Gates Foundation grant, but because the other high schools failed (or even tried) to meet the high standards required for the award. CRHS was taught a valuable socialist lesson by the superintendent hard work and innovation are only good, desired, and approved, if everybody wins. Competition is not allowed. This is the same lesson we have taught our kids by ending valedictorians, soon we’ll stop keeping score in football games.

    Thank you Citrus County for taking notice of what’s going on and firing Incumbents, there is hope that the people still have some voice and are willing to put people who stand for liberty into office.
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