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Friday, August 6, 2010

GOP Todd Long Sues DEM Alan Grayson Over DVD Mailing

GOP Todd Long Sues DEM Alan Grayson Over DVD Mailing
By jim kearney, on August 6th, 2010

The Democrats are at it again. This time it is Alan Grayson in the hot seat. History has shown that Democrats like to “push the envelope” and “bend the law” to their advantage. When they do this, most of the time, there is some sort of ethical violation somewhere. We all know it goes on and for some reason “We The People” do not do anything about it. Well, that is changing this election season.

Republican candidate Todd Long, who is expected to win the Republican primary, and is running against Grayson in the November elections; is now suing Grayson for a mass mailing of DVD’s to his constituents in the Orlando area. The DVD’s are a legislative highlight of his first term in office. The cost of the mailing is a whopping $73,000. Needless to say, when his constituents found out the cost they were in an uproar.

Politics being what it is, Long as taken the initiative to sue Grayson over the affront. This will be an interesting one to watch. Long seeks an injunction against Grayson from using anymore of the taxpayers money to send out future DVD’s and asks the judge to rule Grayson’s use of the funds unconstitutional forcing him to return the $73,000 to the Treasury.

Grayson mailed the DVD’s to some 100,000 homes in the Orlando area (Florida’s 8th District). He claims they were mailed out and paid for with his congressional franking privileges. Franking allows Congress to use taxpayer funds to pay for outgoing mal. Grayson claims that he is providing a valuable service for his constituents and that they have the right to know what is going on in Washington.

Man what a crock. With the way they are throwing taxpayers money around it is a wonder the country still survives. When does it stop? Maybe Long needs to look at the law and tighten the screws a little bit more. While franking allows Congress to do mass mailings there are stipulations. Some of these changed with the 110th Congress.

During the 110th Congress, five pieces of legislation have been introduced to alter the franking privilege for Members. H.R. 2788 would require that all pieces of mail sent in a mass mailing include a statement indicating the cost of producing and mailing the mass mailing. H.R. 2687 would prohibit mass mailings in the form of newsletters, questionnaires, or congratulatory notices. H.R. 1614, S. 936, and S. 1285 would prohibit Senators and Representatives from sending mass mailings during a period starting 90 days prior to a primary and ending on the day of the general election for any election in which the Member is a candidate for reelection.

(CRS Report For Congress http://www.fas.org/sgp/crs/misc/RS22771.pdf)

Maybe someone should tell Long about these changes. He might have a little fun with the lawsuit along the way. I am sure he will milk it for the publicity, who wouldn’t. Something like this doesn’t happen often but when it happens in an election year so close to a primary, man watch the sparks fly. Everyone will want to get in on the actions.

The Democrats already have enough to worry about with Reid, Angle, Pelossi and the rest of the high muckidimucks of their ranks going down one by one. The people are not putting up with their unconstitutional actions much longer. Sentiment around the country is changing as pocketbooks and wallets feel the pinch of their socialist agenda squeezing the life from the meager paychecks.

Grayson fails to see the ethical principle of his misguided judgment. Typical of almost all Democrats, he spends the money anyway he wants since it is not his. Then, when it comes time to defend it, he doesn’t. He simply blows it off by saying it breaks down to around nine cents per constituent. As if that is a valid justification.

Yes, it will definitely be fun to watch this unravel. Another scandal for the Democrats in an election year where almost everyone is against them, grab your popcorn and enjoy the show.

Yours in Liberty

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