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Thursday, August 12, 2010

A “True” Libertarian

“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting it to come out different.”

That quote is credited to Albert Einstein whose wit and style make it possible. It has also been attributed to Ben Franklin, whose wit and style make that also a possibility. The reality is that it was probably not either famous intellectual’s words but is a distinctly American version of an obvious truth. No where do we see doing something the same way under the same conditions returning different results, this is the basis of the scientific method, that affects of actions (reactions) are observable and repeatable.

This can be seen in every human endeavor. Move your weight to the right and push on the right handlebar and your motorcycle will turn right, every single time. Heat water to 212⁰F at standard pressure and it will boil. Offer rewards to certain behaviors and you will get more of that behavior (Pavlov). It works in politics too, keep electing the same people and you get the same results.

In many ways you can say that the Libertarian Party (LP) is insane. We keep doing the same thing and getting the same results. We lose at the ballot box. It is not that libertarian and constitutionally sound values are not believed in or wanted by the American people. It is the extremist, almost anarchist, voice of some Libertarians, and poor leadership that make the American people doubt the ability of the LP to lead.

Blogs and discussion boards across the net are littered with extremist libertarians, chopping down anybody who claims to be a libertarian, but doesn’t toe some extremist ideological line. The chatter claiming that Alex Snitker isn’t a “Libertarian” is a prime example (Note: neither Alex Snitker nor his campaign had anything to do with this article). Alex Snitker is by far the best candidate running for US Senate. He is a libertarian, he’s also a Libertarian, a businessman, and marine – there is no such thing as an ex-marine, just ask one. His experience and goals are not to abolish the system, but to return it to what it was originally envisioned by our forefathers, and to return to all Americans the unalienable rights endowed by our Creator on which this country was based.

All his platform positions are clearly libertarian, even his immigration policies. As a marine he is mission oriented, and his goals are to achieve that mission. As both a marine and businessman impossible unrealistic and unattainable goals are rejected, nobody willing sacrifices themselves for the impossible. It is impossible to roll back immigration policy and social welfare policy back to pre-1900, neither the international community nor the American people, and especially Floridians will support such a extremist position. Knowing that it is impossible to immediately end social welfare, thus making open borders domestically affordable, his position is not for any new laws, but to enforce the laws we have, and secure the borders so that border crossing criminals do not have access to free services paid for by US taxpayers. His platform is to protect the life, liberty, and property of US Citizens, even from those who would come to this country to take the property and liberty of citizens, which criminal border crossers do. I’m sorry but anybody who enters this country by any means other than through proper channels is a criminal, that’s why they are called illegal aliens.

Listen to his stump speech, his interviews, etc. Alex Snitker personally seems to have what some would call “conservative” views, but because he is a true constitutional conservative he is a libertarian. He believes and will fight for all Americans to be free from undo and unconstitutional excessive government control in all aspects of our life. A true 10th amendment supporter, he believes that most powers are reserved for the states and will work to limit the federal government. To do that he must work within both the political and legal framework we have. Until and unless the massive changes which took over 75 years to enact, are reversed open borders will lead to more not less federal government intrusion into everybody’s lives. Any libertarian candidate running for office that doesn’t have a platform that will lead to real attainable goals and more liberty for Americans is not electable. Floridians will not elect anybody who espouses the clearly impossible. That is not a sign of a good leader.

Claims that Snitker “is not a real libertarian” abound on the net. Old school LP party members and leaders actively work against anybody new to the party, if you haven’t been a Libertarian then you are automatically considered an outsider. Again casual observation of Alex Snitker, shows that he got fed up as a citizen, and was an independent, so started his political career by running for US Senate. Learning everything he could he soon discovered that the LP platform was his platform, and recognized that the LP would be a good home for him and joined the LP, and is running as a Libertarian. The question the LPF should be asking is why was Alex an independent not an Libertarian. The most probable answer is that he was an independent because the LPF does NOTHING to promote itself. In 2009 the entire spending of the LPF was under $3000. In a state the size of Florida, with the third largest number of registered libertarians, with the newly elected socialists, that little spending borders on purposeful neglect.

At this year’s state convention, the members and representatives from the local counties, and Snitker had to shame the EC into doing anything to help local chapters. The leadership of the LPF acts more like a social debate club than the third largest political party in the Florida. A prime example of the ineffective leadership in the LPF is long time party leader, current vice-chair Vickie Kirkland, I personally witnessed her asking a representative from the Florida Tenth Amendment Center what the tenth amendment was and what their group was trying to do. She sincerely did not understand what it was about and had never heard of the “Tenth Amendment Pledge.” Considering the huge coverage in both libertarian and general news concerning States rights and the tenth amendment as a tool to use in opposition to Obamacare, federal gun laws, etc. it is impossible to understand how a person elected to such a high position in the LPF could be that ignorant of one of the most vibrant libertarian themes of the past few years.

Libertarians are insane if they think the same old people with the same old ideas who for decades have kept the LP a mere sideline player or late night comedian’s joke, are going to win elections. “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting it to come out different.” The LP needs new leadership. What the leaders in the LP party, including the LPF, seem to think of as a “True Libertarian” is someone who has put in their time, and is willing to go along with the LP old guard. Leadership, Action, Responsibility, Vision, Competency, Communication Skills, Inspiration, a “Can Get It Done” Attitude, and making realistic choices, appear to exclude a person from being considered a “True Libertarian.” Alex Snitker has a realistic viable and libertarian vision, and he demonstrates true leadership; maybe that’s why the press, old guard LPF leadership, and Libertarian extremists are not supporting him. The statists in government don’t want a real man of the people in office; he will reduce their power if he can. The old guard in the LP doesn’t want a real man of the people to lead and show how pathetic their leadership is. The leftist press sure doesn’t want a real man of the people who holds them accountable and doesn’t dance to their tune. Libertarian extremists, like utopian socialists, think anybody who doesn’t espouse all the extreme views is not libertarian, and if a real leader espousing mainstream constitutional libertarian principles wins, they will be exposed as being extremist nuts.

I’m going to support and vote for a “True Libertarian” for Florida’s next US Senator, Alex Snitker. What are you going to do?

Tom Rhodes
Vice-Chair Libertarian Party of Citrus County,
LPF Newsletter Editor


  1. I have been a supporter of Alex's since he started this endeavor. I believe he is the 1 person who will actually represent his constituents not PACS and the political mainstream. For those of you that are still undecided please take a look at Alex and his campaign, you will not be disappointed.


  2. 10 reasons why the voting public should vote for Alex Snitker.

    1. Alex supports free market solutions to bring manufacturing jobs back to America.
    2. Alex supports the 2nd Amendment and the right of the people to bear arms.
    3. Alex believes serving in Congress is an honor and not a career. He will work for term limits in Congress. He will work to eliminate special perks and bloated pensions and ensure that the elected officials live by the same laws they created for the people.
    4. Alex will fight to repeal the 16th Amendment and replace it with The FairTax.
    5. Alex will join with other members of Congress to launch a full audit of the Federal Reserve.
    6. Alex is in favor of a strong national defense coupled with a non-interventionist foreign policy.
    7. Alex will work to pass the Enumerated Powers Act. No law shall be passed in Congress without indentifying the language in the Constitution that gives Congress that specific authority to act.
    8. Alex is a signer of the 10th Amendment Pledge and will defend the 10th Amendment. Ensuring the rights of the individual states and of the people of those states are protected from an overpowering government.
    9. Alex is a regular citizen and not a politician. He served this country as a Marine and now believes it is time to serve again.
    10. Alex is the only candidate for the US Senate that believes that all of your inalienable rights are sacred and he will fight to defend your individual liberties.