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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Who Do You Trust

By Tom Rhodes, 8/10/2013

Do you trust Monsanto sponsored research that says GMO's are good?

Do you trust Dow Chemical sponsored research that says Chemical XYZ is safe?

Do you trust the video gaming industry research that says video games don't affect behavior?

Then why do you trust Red Light Camera Research sponsored by the people who that collect red light ticket fees saying red light camera's and the tickets they issue make you safer?

Regardless of the subject, any state sponsored "scientific" research should automatically be considered suspect if the results include:
  • the need for more tax money, to do more research
  • the need for more state power to control something,
  • limiting the choices individuals are allowed to make in favor of state control of those choices.

    Our government was created with severe restrictions because our forefathers didn't even trust themselves if given power. Before you trust the government with your well being, ask yourself how well that worked out for Native Americans.

    Global Warming is a hoax, you don't need to be a scientist to understand that. "Because you don't have to know a damn thing about the climate to know when corrupt human beings are putting forth falsehoods in order to justify claiming more money and power on their own behalf." ~ Voxday

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