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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Politically Incorrect Version of Headlines

Politically Incorrect Version of Headlines
By Tom Rhodes, 9/12/13

Here are a couple of Politically Correct Headlines, and how they could read and the contents be addressed if not for the invasive PC practices of the lame stream press.

Politically Correct Washington Post Headline

Children suffer from growing economic inequality among families since recession

More Accurate but not PC version

Recession Exacerbates Poverty of Children Living in Non-Traditional Families

The article is clear, Children raised in traditional families with two parents are less likely to be poor regardless of race. What the article implies is that it isn't fair that rich people make wise decisions, so we must take money from the rich and give it to those who make poor life choices. What cannot be said is that if you're a high school dropout who chooses to have children when you are poor and single the chances are that your child will be raised in poverty. The author suffers from the emotional desire to never see people suffer poor life choices. So to meet the emotional desire seeks to force those who make wise life decisions to support those who don't. It ignores the simple fact that in today's world having a child is a choice, period. So choosing to have a child in a non-traditional living environment is in fact choosing to raise that child in poverty. The author wants security regardless of how individuals choose to live.

The article makes it clear saying the evidence shows "men and women with high levels of education were more likely to be married. They were more likely to stay married. There were fewer instances of cohabitation or divorce than those with lower levels of education. And their children were much less likely to live in poverty and instead more likely to benefit from family stability, increased parent time and higher economic resources."

WOW - the advice and example lived by the Leave it to Beaver Generation was right. Finish School, Get a Job, Get Married, then Have Children, Choosing to live your life in any other way dramatically increases you and your children's chances of being poor. Add in choosing to make it a habit to save and live a thrifty life and you will be wealthy.

Politically Correct CBS Atlanta Headline

Study: Men With Smaller Testicles Are Better Fathers

More Accurate but not PC version

Men w/ Smaller Balls act like Women

The article is clear, Men with Balls "show a tendency for them to be less involved in things like changing diapers, bathing children, preparing meals, taking them to the doctor." The clearly female centric article works under the delusion that men acting like women make better fathers.

The article offers an interesting conundrum for women it states clearly that "'The correlation is stronger between sperm count and sperm quality and testicle size,' Rilling explained. 'Bigger size, better, healthier sperm.'" So the obvious is backed up with research, healthier sperm is associated with Men with Big Balls. Women are left with the choice, a man who will produce better healthier sperm, implying better healthier children, or men who will help with nurturing duties but produce less healthy sperm implying inferior children. The politically incorrect but obvious fact is that the alpha male get's the woman, her biology overrides her heart, he body knows the testosterone laden man with balls offers her a better breeding opportunity; we are still animals after all. This offers an explanation of why women are hypergamous.

What's a woman to do?

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