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Friday, September 27, 2013

Contradiction of UN Arms Treaty

By Tom Rhodes, 9/27/2013

Wednesday Obama directed Sec. of State John Kerry to sign the UN Arms treaty, in direct opposition to the Senate whose majority boldly told Obama that it would not ratify such a treaty. The treaty creates binding requirements for states to review cross-border contracts to ensure that weapons will not be used in human rights abuses, terrorism, violations of humanitarian law or organized crime.

Ummm. didn't Obama just send a few million dollars worth of Arms to Al-Qaida in Syria to support the "rebels?" The Jihadist groups that dominate the Syrian rebel coalition routinely commit human rights abuses violating humanitarian law. They are known for their terrorist tactics, beheadings, kidnapping, and all manner of barbaric violent lawless actions.

Obama's actions make it obvious that he doesn't plan on honoring the part of the treaty that keeps arms from groups that commit terrorism, and other human rights violations. So why did he sign the treaty?

Although the claims of Kerry and the Obama administration are that it doesn't affect private individuals and their Second Amendment rights, reading the treaty makes it clear that those assertions are lies. The words and actions of Obama are a matter of record and make it clear that his plans are to use the treaty to override the Second Amendment of the US Constitution.

Face it the USA can do whatever it wants and single country nor coalition has the strength to do anything about it, that is the primary reason we are hated internationally. International Law is useless and only binds countries like the USA, so called "rogue states" simply ignore it, because we willing allow ourselves to acquiesce. The goal of the UN is a total failure, there are more armed conflicts today than when it was formed, it doesn't work. UN treaties, and UN law, cannot and do not provide the US with any national security, and are unenforceable. Look at the member states who sit on the UN Human Rights Commission, no rational person could not know that it is a sham.

http://treaties.un.org/doc/Treaties/2013/04/20130410%2012-01%20PM/Ch_XXVI_08.pdf#page=21>Text of UN Arms Treaty

Article 12 of the treaty makes it pretty clear that states should maintain national registries of small arms end users for minimum of one decade. Obama's actions are clear, they say, "I'm going to give arms to terrorists I like, but sign treaties that allow me to sidestep the restrictions the US Constitution put on me, to track the arms of US citizens. Registration will make it easier to disarm them."

Newsflash - genocides do not occur, where the people are armed. Not the every disarmed society succumbs to a genocidal government, but armed societies don't suffer genocide. Ask Native Americans who we disarmed how well they faired? Or the Jews of Germany, etc.

Want to read an unabashed libertarian SciFi action novel that beats up on the UN? Obama signing this god-awful treaty reminded me of the book,Rebel Moon, an updated version of Heinlein's Moon is a Harsh Mistress. This book is not targeted to the ladies, as it has lots of descriptions of individual battle, computer hacking, and other guy techie stuff. The target audience is clearly male gamers who aren't ignorant of politics (one of the authors, Voxday, is also the programmer/owner of software company that produced the game of the same name in the 90's). The basic plot is in the 21st century the Moon is colonized and produces much of the food needed for the world. The world is now governed by the United Nations, which is, well, the UN. After years of mismanagement and heavy-handed administration, the colonies revolt against the New World Order and declare themselves a free state. The premise since Heinlein first told it over 60 years ago is now cliché but like old John Wayne movies can and should be enjoyed for what they are not what they aren't.

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