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Monday, September 30, 2013

Western Denial

By Tom Rhodes, 9/30/2013

No doubt about it, we of the west are in denial. We are in a war against western civilization and won’t admit it. We try to say it’s not a religious war against the west, or against Christians, or non-Muslims, but that is a lie. The enemy has effectively neutered our press so rather than treat the war we are in as a war, we try to treat it like it’s some random groups of distraught teens acting out. It’s not, it’s war, and it’s getting bloodier and more violent and if we fail to treat it like a war we will lose.

In the past week hundreds of people have been targeted and killed because they were not Muslim. Not just in Kenya, but in Nairobi and Pakistan too. In Pakistan a historic Christian church was attacked, just because it was a Christian church. From Minnesota, American Muslims traveled to Kenya, joined a multinational force of Muslims, and committed gruesome torture and murder of shoppers. The shoppers were chosen for torture and execution because they were not Muslim. Those who believed in Islam were set free. The press portrayed the jihadists as thrill-seeking youth or “militants” and “gunmen,” not the uncivilized religious barbarians their actions more accurately describe.

The press is complacently evil; they cover up the motive of mass murder across the world, ignoring the plain, clear, and declared reasoning and goals of Islamists. The media is choosing to comply with Sharia, under such laws you cannot criticize Islam. The press will not say anything that would offend a Muslim, even if it is true. Shariah rules our mainstream press. With rare exceptions, the press has self-censored “Islam,” “Muslim” and “jihad.”

At the mall those who could name the mother of the prophet Muhammad were allowed to escape. The Muslim world supports such barbarism, not a single Muslim cares one iota for non-Muslims barbarically murdered. A simple act may have saved a good number of innocent people, but not one of those allowed to escape screamed out Muhammad’s mother’s name and give the answer to those being executed.

Muslims are trying to and successfully rebranding themselves.

Look up R4BIA and their goals and methods are quite clear. They plan on using terrorism, violence, and war to collapse Western values, end capitalism, glorify martyrdom, and eliminate the Jews in a new world that is run by Islamists.

This is the goal of Muslims, not all take part in the war, but rather than denounce the barbaric, murderous, evil acts of Islamic Terrorists, Muslims were marching down Madison Avenue in New York City waving the black flag of jihad. At the same time at a historic Church in more than 100 Christians were slaughtered during Sunday worship, and 140 were Christians were murdered Nigeria by Muslims, all in the cause of Islam.

Where are the Muslim protests against the barbaric torture, rape, murder and mutilation of innocent people who don’t share their faith??? If jihad wasn’t supported and at least accepted by American Muslims, you’d think that at least American Muslims would protest mass murder done in the name of their religion. If it were true that Islamic terrorists aren’t representative of Muslims, then they and their leaders would be righteously condemning terrorists acts. Instead they accuse anybody who would note that one religion has a virtual monopoly on the use of terrorism around the world, as an Islamophobe.

In response as a nation we get really stupid, so we don’t offend Muslims. In a poorly reported story the TSA has guaranteed the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) that TSA officials will only pat down Muslim women in the head and neck area. We know that female suicide bombers are not uncommon. In 2011 the U.S. Army released an intelligence report that noted: “Although women make up roughly 15 percent of the suicide bombers within groups which utilize females, they were responsible for 65 percent of assassinations.”

So all an militant Islamic Woman has to do to get bombs on a US airplane is wear a tent to cover up massive amounts of explosives she’s carrying (they call it a hijab); refuse full body scan on religious grounds, remind the TSA officer that they may be searched only around the head and neck, then walk onto the aircraft; and just as it reaches the runway, blow up herself and the plane killing hundreds, making the runway unusable and stopping all air traffic across the nation for weeks.

This is a true WTF moment.

Isn’t Homeland Security, who runs the Transportation Security Agency (TSA), supposed to prevent another 911, not make it easier for Islamic terrorists to repeat 911. The SOP should strip searching anybody who shows up at an airport in a hijab and refuse full body scan. There is no TSA exception for Catholic Nun’s in Habits, none of whom have ever been documented to suicide bomb innocents. If we believe in equality under law then there should be no exception for religious reasons to not pay for birth control, then what justifies Islamic women in hijabs, who “make up roughly 15 percent of the suicide bombers within groups which utilize females,” to be exempt from body scans and pat downs?

Western Civilization is in suicidal denial. Our Enemy has openly declared war, they’ve made their intentions clear, their barbaric, uncivilized, and violent actions validate the fact they are fighting this war. Our “free” press rather than offend our enemy, blames and labels anybody who accepts the words and actions of Islamists as indicative of their intentions as an Islamophobe. What’s more evil, the clear declaration of war and actions of our enemy, or the press who tries to cover it up?

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