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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Navy Yard Shooting Proves Gun Laws Work

By Tom Rhodes, 9/24/2013

The Navy Yard shooting last week prove that gun laws are working as designed. You simply don't understand the design. We were again lectured by Obama telling us mere citizens that we need to work harder for tougher gun laws if they want to end a plague of violence in schools, military installations and in certain cities. Of course all overwhelming preponderance of mass shootings and increases in gun violence share one common trait; they occur where there are tougher gun laws.

Obama said, "I have an idea, let's keep doing the same thing over against and expect different results!" While wanting to do the very thing that has proven to increase gun violence; disarm law abiding citizens. Everywhere, in the USA or world, that the average citizen is disarmed results in increased violent crime. When you take away the ability and right of the people to defend themselves, they become easy prey. As the recent Harvard study showed, there is no evidence that increased gun control decreases violent crime.

Washington DC, despite the Heller decision does everything it can to limit and discourage the law abiding members of its society from possessing firearms. Chicago and Detroit do the same. Schools are "gun free zones" as was the Aurora Colorado theater. Both Ft. Hood and the Navy Yard are made "secure" by making sure nobody (even trained soldiers) is armed. In the USA a "Gun Free Zone" is where mass shootings happen. These cities, institutions, and military installations have followed Obama's plan for guns, and they are where gun violence is increasing.

As Obama paraphrased, it is often said the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. Disarming law abiding citizens has proven, repeatedly, all over the world NOT to lower or diminish violent crime, so more laws to disarm law abiding citizens and expecting less violence is clearly INSANE.

Obama lamented, "We must insist here today there is nothing normal about innocent men and women being gunned down where they work." The problem is that position is observably and provably wrong. It is quite normal and observable that you see an increase in gun violence against innocent people where they are stripped of their means to protect themselves. To criminals and the insane, "Gun Free Zones" are invitations, virtual offers of play grounds where they can fearlessly raise mayhem, death and destruction, in an assured safe environment. Mass murders don't go to the shooting range or gun shows, those places aren't safe environments to engage in mass murder and mayhem.

Obama has proven to be effective and marching toward his clearly stated goal. It has nothing to do with our safety, rather he is working to fundamentally change America, from a place where the people have the means and power to control the government, to a place where the people fear the government, and have no means to do anything about it. He is using emotional appeals based on the escalation of violence, to render the population impotent before the government which has militarized it police and will have a monopoly on force.

We know how to make places and people more secure. Look at the President; he is made secure by having lots of armed men surrounding him. This is because we know criminals won't follow the law, so the Secret Service is armed and ready. The way to make our military bases, Navy Yards, and other places more secure is to have people armed in those places. The military is full of people who are trained with arms, let them carry at every job they do. It a soldier or other military member can't be trusted with a firearm then they shouldn't be in the military. If every member of the military was armed at all times, the Navy Yard would not have been attacked, period. Knowing that every other military person was armed would also prevent a criminal in the military from going Postal (no guns allowed in post office, hence a safe environment for criminally insane to shoot up the place).

The Navy Yard Shooter was criminally insane, his supervisors knew it, the Navy Yard was warned about him by Rhode Island police, our government knew it, yet he wasn't even prosecuted for gun crimes previously. It looks as though the government, who could have legally done something about him, choose instead to leave a man they knew was bonkers, had violent tendencies, purchase a gun. The actions of the Government seem to indicate a desire to leave the violent criminally insane on the streets so that they can use their predictable violent acts as impetus to disarm the entire population.

Think about it. Use the violent actions of the criminally insane as justification to disarm everybody. It would be cruel and inhuman to lock up the insane, and we can't label them insane, so Political Correctness dictates that the actions of the criminally insane justify disarming everybody.

Obama concluded his speech with another fallacy, "No other advanced nation endures this kind of violence. None. What's different in America is it's easy to get your hands on a gun." Simply, ignoring the fact that back when you could mail order a machine gun without any government interference we were a less violent nation; and ignoring the fact that over the past 20 years we've increased the number of guns in private hands and decreased violent crime (including murder) except in cities with massive restrictions on private gun ownership.

American history it is clear, the government creates laws and implements policies which have the "unintended" consequence of increasing violence, then statists in government use the increase in violence as an excuse to further restrict the liberties of the masses. Install Prohibition, resultant black market and gang violence results in abandoning the Second Amendment and making machine guns virtually illegal. Rather than mind our own business the Government bombs and restricts Islamic nations, we then see an increase in Islamic terrorism (911, Shoe Bomber, Ft. Hood, Boston Marathon Bombing, etc) followed by dumping the Fourth Amendment for our own "safety." The pattern is clear.

Switzerland and Israel have three things in common, more guns per capita than the USA, no gun free zones, and very little gun violence. Obama and the other statist ruling elite in Washington are not insane; they know doing the same thing over and over will provide the same results. Thus the predictable results of their actions result in rare but horrific events; they then use those rare horrific events to provide them with emotional justification for more state power. The goal of Obama, (and the Republicans and Democrats) is not that of the state purpose of our government, which was established to protect the right to life, liberty, and property of all the people equally, their goal is to fundamentally change America by concentrating power with the ruling elite. Making America a place where the government need not fear the people, but the people fear the government. Tyranny is the goal, and it's a good goal, if your part of the ruling elite.

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