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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

You Lie! – Wilson’s Outburst was the Truth, Obama was lying.

By Tom Rhodes 6/4/12

Sept. 9, 2009 Obama Said, “And one more misunderstanding I want to clear up – under our plan, no federal dollars will be used to fund abortions, and federal conscience laws will remain in place.” This was so outrageous that it resulted in the famous outburst by Rep. Joe Wilson, R-S.C., “You lie!”

Wilson was soundly chastised by the press then. Now that it has been proven that Obama did lie, and that federal conscience laws are to be eliminated or ignored, and abortion is to be funded by federal dollars will we see an apology by the press to Joe Wilson and chastisement of President Obama for lying?

Pennsylvania is receiving $160million in Federal dollars to set up a new “high-risk” insurance program under a provision of the federal health-care legislation enacted in March. This Obama administration approved program will cover any abortion that is legal in Pennsylvania.

Feb. 18, 2011, Obama canceled President Bush’s executive order guaranteeing doctors, nurses and other health professionals would not have to violate their beliefs. Now the Obama administration is requiring churches and Christian nonprofit institutions, to provide free contraceptives with health insurance and pay for abortifacients.

Why won’t the press recognize and call out Obama for his direct lie to the people? Why would you trust or vote for Obama when he made one thing perfectly clear, he is a liar and will say anything to get more power?

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