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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Legendary Columnist, Thomas Sowell, Finally Agrees with Me.

By Tom Rhodes, 6/12/2012

Thomas Sowell explains why the "president seeks scapegoats for all his failed policies" noting that Obama's actions clearly make him a Fascist. In his column, Is Obama a socialist or a fascist? Thomas Sowell notes the fact that Fascism was associated and considered a leftist position until Hitler and Mussolini gave it a bad name in the 30's. and the left without justification successfully shifted fascism to be considered from the right.

Sowell a far more learned and better columnist than I in a few short paragraphs clearly sums up several of my previous articles.

What socialism, fascism and other ideologies of the left have in common is an assumption that some very wise people - like themselves - need to take decisions out of the hands of lesser people, like the rest of us, and impose those decisions by government fiat.

The left's vision is not only a vision of the world, but also a vision of themselves as superior beings pursuing superior ends. In the United States, however, this vision conflicts with a Constitution that begins, "We the People ..."

That is why the left has for more than a century been trying to get the Constitution's limitations on government loosened or evaded by judges' new interpretations, based on notions of "a living Constitution" that will take decisions out of the hands of "We the People," and transfer those decisions to our betters.

At least it is good to know that he's come around to my way of thinking. Here are a few articles from the past where I've pointed out Obama's Marxist/Fascist actions.

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Yet again, more evidence Obama is a Marxist.

Please note the satire in my thinking Thomas Sowell has finally come around to my way of thinking. I've been reading his columns for as long as I can remember, and they have obviously influenced my writing and been inspirational. Thomas Sowell is a true broker of wisdom in our age, and his writings are worth your time, even if you don't agree with him.

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