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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Florida District 1 Makes A Statement

press release

Press Release

District 1 Makes A Statement

The Congressional incumbent from the First District sent mail out to voters across the district in an effort to get himself on the ballot by petition, but could not get 2300 of them to do so. Instead he was forced to pay the filing fee (a little over $10,000) to get his sixth shot at the job of U.S. Representative.

I find it incredible Mr. Miller could not convince even a fraction of the hundreds of thousands of Republicans in this District to return a petition, while the Fretts For Congress team obtained petitions with a relatively small team and less than one half of one percent of the voting base.

Jeff Miller either thought getting petitions from his constituents was not important, or that it would be easy. Either way he was wrong, and now his campaign has a lot to pay. It seems to me District One made a statement.

But it is not likely that this turn of events will bother him much. He has tons of campaign money stored up, and likely access to an endless supply of reserves from his party establishment.

Complacency like this shows why Mr. Miller needs to go, and be replaced by someone who will work for the support of his constituents.

I would ask myself, if Mr. Miller was too busy to obtain support from even this small sample of his constituency, what else is he too busy to do?”

Calen Fretts
Fretts For Congress (FL –01)
P.O. Box 42
Valparaiso, Florida 32580

Additional Contact
Pete Blome
Campaign Manager FFC
204 Parkwood Circle
Niceville, Fl 32578

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