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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Statists Hate Freedom - For Your Own Good

By Tom Rhodes, 6/2/2012

The reason statists (leftists, socialists, democrats, most republicans, liberals, progressives, etc.)simply hate freedom and liberty is that to be a free person one must accept personal responsibility. Statists believe that others are too stupid to make their own life decisions and live with the consequences. They believe this because they fear that they may make a mistake (bad choice) on day and don’t want to have to pay for their own bad decisions and assume everybody else has the same fear. Everybody makes mistakes, but why should you have to pay for my mistakes? When you ask the government to pay for your mistakes, you then give the government the right to dictate your behavior.

You cannot be both free and unaccountable for you actions. This is why lefties of all stripes don’t understand libertarians. Especially when a libertarian yells, “Get the government out of XXXXXX!!!” no matter what big government program XXXXXX is referring. They assume that because they aren't willing live with the consequences of not having the government provide for XXXXXX when they screw up, that nobody will be accept the consequences.

Consider Healthcare, the libertarian position is that the government shouldn’t be involved in it, and that charity is not the job of government. The most often heard response from scaredycat statists is some lame cry saying something like “When you get hurt you’ll be the first person crying for the government to pay your medical bill.” They are projecting their fear of the responsibility associated with freedom onto freedom lovers.

Let’s start with an easy example. Bikers across the country routinely protest and work at ending helmet laws. Abate and similar groups have been successful in getting rid of mandatory helmet laws in many states. Bikers aren’t against helmets, but against the government telling them what kind of protection they must wear. They do understand that they have no right to expect someone else to pick up the costs if they bash their head in an accident. Look at the way the law was crafted in Florida. In Florida if you are over 21 years old and have PIP insurance you do not have to wear a motorcycle helmet. You are however not free to ride helmetless if you do not have insurance, and are not yet old enough to make mature decisions about your own well being. Some of the biggest proof that bikers value freedom and do not expect others to pay for their life choices is the huge number of events held every year to pay the medical bills of fallen bikers. Google the phrase - help raise money for fallen biker - and you will be amazed at the pages of links you get. Bikers want and insist on their freedom, and are more than willing to live with the consequences of their decision to exercise that freedom.

The cost of my health problems should be borne by me not you. If you become a fat pig because you insist on 64oz sugary drinks and supersizing every lunch you eat, don’t expect me to pay for your diabetes drugs, cholesterol medicine, artificial knee’s and heart transplant to keep you alive. Because you choose to eat like a fat pig does not obligate those who choose to live a healthy to help pay your extra health care costs. If you smoke and get lung cancer, don’t expect me to help with those costs.

The problem is that statists believe that nobody should ever have to be responsible for making bad choices, thus society should bear the costs of stupidity. If as a society we must bear the costs of the stupid decisions others make we must accept tyranny. This kind of thinking that nobody should suffer from bad decisions gets us laws that dictate what size sugary drink you are allowed to sell or purchase. It gets us to a place where the rule of law is no longer valid, and the nanny state has the right to determine who wins/loses in a bankruptcy like GM, where the union and its members as well as the GM management were not allowed to suffer the consequences of the decisions they made, and all of society had to bear the costs of stupid decisions. We get bail outs of banks “too big to fail” and tens of thousands of laws to protect from stupid.

No Knee Pads, No Helmets, No Breaks,
No Overprotective Soccer Moms

We survived riding without helmets, playing with BB guns, throwing rocks, and running with sissors. Today, the above kid would get a ticket, and mom may be charged with abuse. Yep, doing stupid things has risks, and as the saying goes you can’t fix stupid. The nanny state, with cradle to grave care for everybody is a path to tyranny. The resultant laws now dictate what we can or can’t eat and have virtually killed the job being a kid.

Life is all about risks and decisions. Freedom gives you the chance to enjoy all the benefits of you decisions but is a two way street and you also must accept the consequences if you fail to choose wisely. Statists, hate freedom because with it comes responsibility. This is a scene they never want people to see/experience.

What they are willing to do is sacrifice everybody’s freedom for their security. Remember when you surrender your freedom to government, the government won’t stop at taking care of you when you choose poorly, it will make your choices for you. The government will be your master, you will be its slave, fed and sheltered and whipped . . . . for your own good.

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