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Monday, June 4, 2012

Politically Incorrect Brain Farts

By Tom Rhodes, 06/04/2012

White House Chief of Staff Jim Messina and Deputy Chief of Staff for Policy on Health Care,Nancy-Ann DeParle, met with big-pharmaceutical companies and told them that if they didn't support Obamacare, Mr. Obama would demand a 15 percent rebate [kickback] on Medicare drugs and push to remove the tax deduction for direct consumer advertising. This was reported in the Washing Times, which noted that capitulating with Obama's administration on Obamacare saves big-pharmaceutical companies about $100BILLION over 10 years. Why is government extortion of business legal in the USA, but Walmart is penalized and demonized when they payoff Mexican officials to build stores across the border?

Why is our society letting the 2-4% of deviants force the 96-98% of society which conforms to eons old traditional ethics, re-arrange their beliefs on behalf of those deviants?

Why are we surprised our government is dysfunctional when our society has given a small group of fallible people trillions of other people's money and the power to dictate its redistribution?

The Federal Standards of Ethical Conduct for Employees of the Executive Branch mandates a two year ban on any kind of direct involvement with a previous employer, client or co-worker. Why has the rule of law, and our ethics been negated for people like Craig Becker, former lawyer for the Service employees International Union (SEIU) who, who by recess appointment, served as a member of the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) and now serves as general counsel to the AFL-CIO?

By what rational standard considering our founding documents as framed by our forefathers can controlling what and how much people eat and drink to be a function of government?

Why in the NBA is the under-representation of black coaches is a problem, but under-representation of white players not?

Suggested reading: David Harsanyi's Nanny State: How Fast Food Fascists, Teetotaling Do-Gooders, Priggish Moralists, and other Boneheaded Bureaucrats are Turning America into a Nation of Children

Why is it not racist for the City of LA to ban new fast food restaurants in South LA because poor minorities are too stupid to make their own food choices?

Why are mind altering substances created from fermented grains and fruit legal, but those smoked or ingested from leaves or flowers not?

The Great Society promised better for inner city poor, delivered the "projects". Obamacare promised cheaper health care and keeping your plan if you wanted, delivered increased costs and loss of insurance choices. Nixon's war on drugs promised a better society, delivered death by swat team and massive incarceration. Why do American voters keep buying political rhetoric of the two major parties accepting their promises of heaven but delivery of hell?

Earning something is not the same as winning something. Most cultures don't understand or even recognize the difference and their languages reflect this lack of fundamental understanding. Much of the hatred for the USA in other parts of the world is reflected in this fundamental misunderstanding. In English the verb earn has several meanings all similar:

1. to gain or get in return for one's labor or service: i.e. to earn one's living.
2. to merit as compensation, as for service; deserve: i.e.to receive more than one has earned.
3. to acquire through merit: i.e.to earn a reputation for honesty.
4. to gain as due return or profit: i.e. Savings accounts earn interest.
5. to bring about or cause deservedly: i.e. His fair dealing earned our confidence.

Winning something however may or may not be associated with service or effort or what is justly due. You can win a race by superior effort, but you can also win a lottery by luck, or you can win a position by the favor of another. Winning something implies some luck, or other outside influence over what someone gains, whereas earning something only implies gaining through merit or what is justly due. This subtle difference is important. The wealth, power, freedom, and liberty Americans have was earned, not won. Societies that don't comprehend or understand the difference hate the USA because they don't believe that what the USA has is merited. This is why Marxism and its derivative socialism, fail, it is based on redistribution of winnings, ignoring the fact that in a free society people gain based on what they individually merit. Why have we allowed statists to confuse winning and earning in our society?

Overall violent crime is way down and near historic lows while at the same time gun ownership is at near historic highs. While correlation does not equal causation, why does most of the mainstream press insist on equating more guns to more crime, when the evidence points to the opposite and no evidence supports the emotional but irrational idea that less guns would make us safer?

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