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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

The Hubris of Legacy Media

By Tom Rhodes, 10/2/2013

This morning I read a fluff piece about Dean Baquet, Pulitzer Prize winner and managing editor of The New York Times, who last night spoke at the Foster-Foreman Conference of Distinguished Writers about the changing world of journalism. I choked and coffee spewed out my nose as I read, “It is not my fear that newspapers will die, my only fear is that the craft of witnessing and reporting on the truth will die.” I didn’t believe he had the balls to spout such dribble.

Such hubris and hypocrisy can only come from the New York Times (NYT). The NYT has a long history of covering up the truth and only in their minds are they the “newspaper of record.” The one thing you can count on from the NYT is that they will cover and obfuscate the truth. Here are a few examples of the NYT “exercising the craft of witnessing and reporting on the truth.”

Over a half century ago, while millions of Russians were being purposefully starved to death in the USSR, Holodomor denier and NYT reporter Walter Duranty wrote in the pages of The New York Times that "any report of a famine in Russia is today an exaggeration or malignant propaganda", and that "there is no actual starvation or deaths from starvation.

NYT is synonymous with Jayson Blair who is infamous for both plagiarism and simply making it up

NYT routinely gets caught lying about Iran:

NYT caught lying about Tesla Test Drive.

NY Times Tale of US Soldier Intervention Against Torture is a Lie

NY Times headline reverses chronology, story leaves out important information

NYT's Lies About SF Renters & Housing Construction

New York Times has a history of being caught doctoring quotes.

NYT's admits it's not its job to verify the truth.

The NYT is now the mouth piece for the Whitehouse while WikiLeaks and individuals like Snowden expose corruption in our government.

It was the Drudge Report not the NTY that exposed Clinton for being a philandering womanizer. Since then it is clear that Drudge is now more important and more widely read than the NYT.

Contrary to what the NTY and old guard media would have you believe, Youtube, blogs, and the independent internet press routinely expose more government corruption and more actual news and truth. It is the common non-professional with her phone camera, blog, or independent web site that exercise the craft of witnessing and reporting the truth, not the old grey lady. Want the truth, lookup CopWatch, or read Drudge, or search Fourth Amendment Abuse on Youtube, but don’t bother with the NYT; the old grey lady is a senile old bat who doesn’t realize or understand the truth, she’s already been replaced.

The NYT and legacy media actively try to protect advertisers, big business, and the government. Consider what it means when Reuters, News Corp., The Washington Post and The San Francisco Chronicle all ignored emails from the tipster, an "Internet activist" known as "Weev," about innocuous data exposing a security breach concerning Apple, which affected 114,000 iPad owners (including White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel!). The all ignored it, so Ryan Tate of Gawker, not the “newspaper of record” got the scoop and the story went viral far exceeding the reach of the NYT. LINK

Legacy media and specifically printed newspapers are dinosaurs, their complicity with the government and general lack of credibility make the words of NYT managing editor Dean Baquet ring both hollow and shallow, carrying absolutely no gravitas. Dean Baquet fearing “that the craft of witnessing and reporting on the truth will die,” is reminiscent of Sophocles’ King Creon.

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