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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Is the President a Liar?

By Tom Rhodes, 10/1/2013

Obama lovers and Democrats have two choices. Admit that it is their party and Obama who refuses to compromise and are shutting down the government, or . . . or call President B. H. Obama a liar.

Yesterday he made it clear declaring "I shouldn't have to offer anything." Thus boldly proclaiming to the American public that he either gets everything he wants or the government will be shut down. He chafes at the fact that constitutionally the House of Representatives, not the president, controls the purse strings of the nation. Offered a spending bill that funds everything he wants except for 1 thing, and he refuses to compromise.

The House not the Senate, not the President, is elected by more than just big cities, small congressional districts around the country all get a say in our government, even where money is spent. Power was divided in that way so that the cities and big states couldn't dictate to "flyover" country. As such if a president wants to spend, he has to deal with the one part of the legislature that represents all of America, not just big cities.

He's only the president and it's the House of Representatives that has the responsibility and is accountable to the people for spending. If he wants to spend where the people's representatives don't want to spend, then he has to offer something. He offers more compromise to Syria and Iran than he does congress. His obstinance not congress has shut down the government.

Speaking of shutting down government; if "non essential" people are being furloughed, why not just eliminate their jobs? The government should be reduced to only "essential" personal and functions.

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