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Friday, October 11, 2013

CCF Patriots Ordered Not to Share Constitution

By Tom Rhodes, 10/11/2013

According to a report from Young Americans for Liberty, a group with more than 380 chapters and 125,000 students promoting liberty, tried to give out copies of the US Constitution on Constitution day, The College of Central Florida in Ocala, was stopped because they didn’t have permission. In fact to exercise free speech and talk to others on campus the officer told students they would have to go through his office to get permission “any time you want to approach our students.”.

“We can’t hand out Constitutions?” an incredulous student asked.
“That’s right.”

Citing the need for “proper protocol,” the officer said students could submit a request, and school officials would “check our calendar, make sure it doesn’t conflict with what we’re doing, then we’ll approve it or deny it.”

The Young Americans for Liberty report is supported with this video.

Obviously the First Amendment at The state and federally funded College of Central Florida in Ocala does not apply. I hope they file charges in federal court against CCF and hold the officer and officials at CCF personally liable for infringing on these students rights.

The irony is the athletic teams at CCF are called The Patriots.

This means that CCF has told the Patriots Not to Share the Constitution with fellow Patriots. Irony?

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