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Friday, October 11, 2013

America will Change.

By Tom Rhodes, 10/11/2013

Why do the states of Maine, Vermont, Kentucky, and West Virginia exist? Answer: Succession. That's right these states exist because they succeeded from a larger state that didn't fit the population and their desires. Today in California, Colorado, Michigan, and Maryland there are active movements to form new states. Why? Because once again large urban centers are trying to dictate how to live to small rural parts of their states and tax them to support the urban centers. Once again it comes down to taxation without representation.

Denver/Colorado Springs can and does ignore the rural NE part of the state. Why? Because they don't have enough votes to do anything about what the people in the big city want to do. The big city outlawed common ranch rifles used to chase off and kill coyote and wolves harassing lives stock, because they can be made to look scary, regardless of the need, desires and beliefs of rural Colorado. What could rural NE Colorado do about it? NOTHING.

Garrett, Allegheny, Washington, Frederick and Carroll counties in Western Maryland, want to succeed and or join West Virginia. The people who live in these counties have nothing in common with the citizens of Baltimore and Annapolis. Their views on guns, taxes, marriage, and immigration are consistently ignored by the big city, and they are powerless to do anything. The leader of the Western Maryland Initiative, Scott Strzelczyk, notes that they have no other choice saying, "If you have a long list of grievances, and it's been going on for decades, and you can't get it resolved, ultimately secession is what you have to do."

Northern counties of California want to form the state of Jefferson. Mark Baird of the Jefferson Declaration Committee, notes that, "California is essentially ungovernable in its present size." Rural conservatives in Colorado are powerless and unrepresented in state government, just as the people of Michigan's Upper Peninsula are. Lansing and Detroit look nothing like the UP, don't care what's needed, wanted, or happens in the UP, they can and do ignore the UP because it is powerless to affect them or their actions.

Don't worry if they can the ruling elite in DC won't let any new states form, especially these 4. It would mean 8 more senators and would definitely switch the balance of power away from the urban DC-WallStreet Cabal. The statists who can and do easily buy off and influence urban populations but cannot do so in more self-reliant suburban and rural communities, are not going to allow such a power shift. Like I noted before, It's bad enough that in states like Florida where the 50/50 spit put one Democrat and One Republican in the Senate, and controlling the I4 Corridor and Miami-Dade can win state wide elections, but 2/3rds of the House members from the state are Republican. Not just California, Colorado, Maryland, and Michigan are ripe for secession, but Eastern Washington and Oregon don't look, act, or vote like the population centers on the coasts. The addition of the State of Columbia would better represent Those who live in the Columbia valley east of the Cascades than current traditional borders.

The attitude of statist urbanites, who generally vote Democrat, don't understand flyover America, don't care about it, and want flyover country to shut up and do what their told. The idea that a small number of people who don't have the ability to grasp the superiority of urban culture and ideas and would choose to live in the boonies should actually have representation and influence in government is not tolerable. Hence Obama's famous "bitterly clinging" comment. The cities need the food and goods that flyover country produce, but urban statists are bitter at the fact that those rubes in the hinterland don't understand that the clearly superior culture and ideas urbanites should not be questioned.

Right now there are contiguous groups of people trying to work within the system voluntarily to insure that they have representation and can be a part of government. They want to form states that better represent their communities and beliefs. What happens if we don't allow them to do so? If we don't allow change let people form states in the Union that meet their needs and represent them, then we may leave the people of flyover country little choice but to revolt. We had a revolution that, don't think it couldn't happen again. Consider the following countries that didn't exist 30 years ago, Belarus, Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Moldova, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Transnistria, Abkhazia, South Ossetia, Serbia, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, Montenegro, Macedonia and Kosovo, that doesn't include the changes in Africa.

The formation or reinstitution of those countries through both violent and non-violent means in very recent history is a clear indicator that the USA can and will change. The USA has been and is one of the most stable nations on earth, but that doesn't mean it can't or shouldn't change. It will change, if statist urbanites continue to push more tyrannical control over flyover America, it will change faster. The question isn't "is America going to change," but will the changes coming to America be voluntary or violent?

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