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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Out Of Control

By Tom Rhodes, 5/7/2013

Whether the ruling elite like it or not, whether utopian thinking liberals like it or not, controlling who has guns is beyond their control. Totally Out of Control. Unless they advocate an openly tyrannical government that is not subject to elections by the people, and totally do away with the bill of rights there is no longer any way they can institute "gun control." Period. Not just because of the hundreds of millions of guns already in our country, and wont' voluntarily give them up, or because sheriffs across the nation are refusing to honor or enforce more gun restrictive laws, but because without doing away with the first amendment, it is now impossible to get rid of the ability of the people to acquire arms. Correct! Like it or not the first amendment clearly enables every person to obtain firearms without going through any government controlled entity. This week the 'Liberator' was test fired by VideoDefense Distributed founder Cody Wilson; it is the world's first 3D printed gun. It used a nail for a firing pin, and to keep it legal, a piece of metal was added so it would be detected by metal detectors. So for the price of 2 good AR15's you can purchase what you need to print your own firearm without any government interaction.

For a while now people have been able to create their own firearms that don't have serial numbers, and are not traceable by the government. About a year ago all you needed to do is rent a CNC machine, and machine the receiver of an AR15 or similar gun, purchase the trigger, barrel, and other parts, and assemble your own AR15 from the parts. The receiver is the component that has the serial number and is tracked by the government when manufactured by a ATF approved gun manufacturer. ATF without any direction from your elected officials has made this illegal unless you personally own the machine; but . . . liberty loving people in the US have already found a way around that. Austrian Anarchy Heavy Industries, can and does sell AR15 Blanks that are incomplete and legal. Thanks to the Free press they also point to a video that shows you how to take an already made lower receiver blank, a template, and a drill press to make your own AR-15 style rifle. If you're interested, you can go down to your local Home Depot, Lowes, Sears, or Harbor Freight and purchase a drill press with cash and no government paperwork.

The Genie is out of the Bottle, and we the people are "Out of Control." You as an individual are free to make a gun yourself; that pesky constitution protects your right to do that. Formerly this wasn't a big deal because to have the skills to create a receiver, or entire gun, took training and was way too costly to be realistic for the vast majority of people. Not anymore.

All you need is the raw materials, and computer program, and a computer controlled machine. The computer program to build your own receiver, and now an entire firearm, are freely available on line. Download the program run it on your computer hooked to a CNC machine or 3D printer and you can make a gun. OK, you will need to put in some time learning to run the CNC machine, but if the guys at Orange County Chopper can do it chances are you can. All it takes is money, and not that much; for less than $10K you can purchase a CNC mill to make all the AR15 receivers you want. Unless you're willing to outlaw the ownership of computers and machining tools by private individuals you have already lost control.

Why is it so easy for anybody to get the program and designs to build their own weapon? Because transferring ideas is called speech, and in the USA the government is prohibited from creating laws that infringe upon people exchanging ideas. Computer programs are speech. A series of court cases; including Bernstein v. United States, Junger v. Daley, and Universal City Studios v. Corley establishing that computers source code counts as free speech. The Courts rightly concluded "Computer programs are not exempted from the category of First Amendment speech simply because their instructions require use of a computer. A recipe is no less "speech" because it calls for the use of an oven, and a musical score is no less "speech" because it specifies performance on an electric guitar. Arguably distinguishing computer programs from conventional language instructions is the fact that programs are executable on a computer. But the fact that a program has the capacity to direct the functioning of a computer does not mean that it lacks the additional capacity to convey information, and it is the conveying of information that renders instructions "speech" for purposes of the First Amendment. The information conveyed by most "instructions" is how to perform a task ... programmers communicating ideas to one another almost inevitably communicate in code, much as musicians use notes. Limiting First Amendment protection of programmers to descriptions of computer code (but not the code itself) would impede discourse among computer scholars, just as limiting protection for musicians to descriptions of musical scores (but not sequences of notes) would impede their exchange of ideas and expression. Instructions that communicate information comprehensible to a human qualify as speech whether the instructions are designed for execution by a computer or a human (or both)"

Cory Doctorow wrote a book Titled: Makers which creates and focuses on a near-future imagining of members of a Maker subculture, a group Doctorow characterizes as being composed of "people who hack hardware, business-models, and living arrangements to discover ways of staying alive and happy even when the economy is falling down the toilet." The ability to "Print" products, be they cups, plates, toys, or even guns, is going to change our society. Just as the Gutenberg press radically changed society, and just as the internet has radically changed society, so too will 3D printing and CNC Machining.

The ruling elite are trying to desperately put the genie back into the bottle. Soon after Gutenberg made it so that ideas could be affordably changed between people, we saw a time called "the age of enlightenment" resulting in the formation of a nation like no other, where the people restrained the government, rather than the government rule the people. Liberty and it's ideas and the plainly obvious benefits resulting in the most prosperity for the most people ever in world history is not going to go away. The internet exploded what the printing press did. No longer can the ruling elite by monopolizing the press control the ideas people are exposed, thus the liberal ruling elite are routinely exposed. In 1934 they successfully used the news and controlled the message to exploit rare but tragic gang violence to crush part of the second amendment and outlaw machine guns. Today they cannot control the news, as it is no longer expensive to reach millions of people, with the internet the people could and did successfully thwart the ruling elite from further disarming the people using the tragic but rare event at Newton as an excuse. That's why Hillary Clinton wants a gatekeeper on the news, to control what information is available to the people; the people are "Out of Control."

The 3D printer is going to do the same in ways the government can't fathom. My prediction is that they are going to try and control access to all raw materials and destroy property rights. Soon you won't be able to buy aluminum or steel or plastic without government approval because you might make something they don't like, or worse yet create something that carries a high tax. Imagine if people could print a toilet that used more than 1.6 gallons and effectively flushed instead of having to purchase the prescribed, crappy, government mandated toilet design. The horrors that would occur if people could make their own stuff without government control. Big corporations are going to try and put the 3D printing genie back into the bottle, like the idea of liberty and the benefits it has bestowed upon the people, this too will fail. The people are Out of Control (of the ruling elite) and that is a good thing.

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