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Friday, May 17, 2013

You Trust Government . . . Have I Got A Deal for You

By Tom Rhodes, 5/17/2013

If you trust the government, specifically the Obama run federal government, I've got a deal for you. For a pittance you too can own an electric car only driven on Sundays by a little old lady that only needs recharging once every week. Such a deal.

If you believe the Internal Revenue Service has been completely honest about low level bureaucrats were responsible for the targeted attacks of the IRS, then I assume you'd be willing to purchase great homestead land I have available just Southwest of Lake Okeechobee.

If you believe that IRS' targeting Tea Party, Patriot, and Constitutional educations groups for special scrutiny for years wasn't politically motivated, then I assume you're interested in purchasing the shares in the Brooklyn Bridge.

If you believe the "apology" by the IRS should excuses the Obama administration of any legal responsibility for the IRS's actions, then I'm sure you'll be willing to send me a check so I can check out of the hotel where I'm being held until I can pay my bill after my wallet was stolen.

If you believe the Obama administration only knew about this abuse last week and quickly cleared the air publicly last Friday afternoon, then for a small upfront fee I'd be glad to conclude the research and facilitate the paper work to get the inheritance from you long lost uncle who recently died here in Nairobi?

If you believe the Obama administration has taken decisive action to ensure that all political abuse of and by the IRS has ceased, then I'm sure you'd be happy to send me a $250 annual fee for your pre-approved credit card, once I receive your check you will be issued a VISA with a 10,000 credit limit from the First Bank of Cyprus.

Let's face it; the credibility of Obama's administration has been reduced to that of Nigerian 419 Scam artists. Like Jon Stewart said, the burden of proof now lies with the Obama administration, not the tin-foil hat conspiracy nuts.

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