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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Diversity is our Strength???

By Tom Rhodes, 4/27/2013

The historical and observable truth is that societies that suffer mass immigration will have a partition of the people, mass ethnic cleansing or some combination of the two. The mass immigration of Anglo-Saxons to North America is an accurate historic example. The native tribes here suffered both; they were massively destroyed and partitioned onto reservations. The nomadic tribal society that covered North America was forever destroyed by the mass immigration by people whose goal was to create a society of their own design.

You can trace the diminution of that society, America, to the mass immigration which started a century ago, the masses of Irish and Italians started the change, but the changes weren't as dramatic as those in the last half century because those societies were somewhat similar to existing American culture. Immigration was far more tightly controlled after WWI until 1965. Since then we have suffered a huge dramatic increase in immigrants from the third world. The result is rather than look like Europe and other first world nations, we are looking more and more like the third world. France and other European Countries are suffering similar societal evolution due to the massive numbers of middle eastern immigration that is fundamentally changing them. The riots and violence now routine in France are a clear demonstration of the effect mass immigration has to a society.

Here in the USA, since the 1965 immigration act roughly 85 percent of legal immigrants have come from the Third World, and virtually all of illegal immigrants come from the third world. It's not like we have a problem of illegal German, Anglo, Dutch, or Swede Immigrants. This massive invasion from the third world brings Third World attitudes and behaviors resulting in a corresponding reflection where their populations are concentrated in America. These regions now have third world levels of poverty, fertility, illegitimacy and domestic violence. Some anti-gun zealots try to compare US cities and their associated violent crime rates with other first world countries, this is unfair as the population demographics accurately reflects the third world mores from which massive amounts of the populations originated. When we look at large blocks of our society that have traditional American roots that can be traced to first world origins, they reflect similar attitudes, behavior, and crime rates. That is not racist, merely an anthropologic observation. What the press isn't noting while blaming guns for mass murders is that a disproportionate large number of recent mass murders are committed by immigrants, including 911 and the most recent bombing in Boston.

"Diversity" as an idea has and will continue to fail, for our society. Entire neighborhoods in LA have been transformed as African-Americans who have lived there for generations are violently chased out by third world Hispanic immigrants. Because that's brown on black crime, it is ignored by most of white American, and the press, but is a microcosm of what is happening to our country.

Women beheaded and other honor killings in the USA are not common but neither are they rare, and such barbarism was completely unheard of and a completely foreign concept to Americans until recently. It is the actions of third world immigrants legally allowed into the country, like those who committed the 911 terrorist destruction of the Twin Towers, that have pushed our society to considering abandoning our Bill of Rights. We are being forced to fundamentally abandon our roots and beliefs because of the changes to our society brought by invasion both legal and illegal. As George Washington and other forefathers famously noted our constitution is unsuitable for those who don't share a common belief system. We ignored that wisdom. We cannot expect our society to remain open, consistent to the rule of law, and to the protection of individual rights, when we allow massive numbers of people to immigrate into our society who don't share those beliefs, and especially when as a society we are expected to respect immigrant social mores rather than expect immigrants to adopt ours.

When we punish and prohibit students in public schools from wearing American Flag Based clothing on May 5th, because it may be offensive to immigrant populations, we are fueling the destruction of our society. We should not have offered government services in foreign languages; we should have expected immigrants to adopt US mores, customs, and language. Instead we've embraced ideas, values, and behaviors that are not American.

Ann Coulter lists a litinay of immigrant violence. Although America is tolerant, far more tolerant and generous to foreigners than any country in history, the violence and animosity against traditional American people and institutions will have consequences. If world history is any clue, we will soon see a rise in both separatists and ruthless nationalists in the USA. Their actions will not be conciliatory and may even be uncivilized. Foreigners have brought violence, as in the Boston Bombing, to America. Our traditional citizenry will not long stand without acting upon this invasion in ways our government cannot control. These are the consequences, and symptoms, of a society that has been invaded. It's not the left or right, Republicans or Democrats who are responsible, it is every individuals regardless of party, who bought into the myth of Ellis Island and welcomed tens of millions of alien invaders into the USA.

Embracing diversity is utopian thinking devoid of any historic relevance. No society that has ever suffered the invasion of mass numbers of people who don't share it's mores has ever survived. Consider two of our more famous car brands Cadillac and Pontiac; the society and culture where those names originated is gone, there is a mere vestigial shadow of the former greatness that was once the native Americans tribes. The willingly accepted foreigners trading land for trinkets, now they no longer exist except as small reservations at the grace of their invaders. Diversity is a failed idea, and like it or not we will suffer the consequences of embracing it.

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