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Friday, April 26, 2013

Most Absurd Legislation Ever

By Tom Rhodes, 4/26/2013

It's no surprise that the most absurd legislation ever proposed is from California. Long referred to as the land of fruits and nuts, AB 460 proves the point. In total disregard to biological science, and any semblance of reality, the fruits and nuts of California have proposed forcing insurance companies to pay for fertility treatments for gay people. This is nuts, well . . . not if their lesbians.

Reality has no place in the gay agenda, the rundown on AB 460 says is that insurance companies are required to provide infertility coverage to a couple if the couple says that they have been engaging in sexual relations regularly for a period of one year and have not been able to become pregnant or bring a child to live birth, even if that couple is homosexual.

This isn't about approval or disapproval of homosexuals, this is about biology and reality. Gay people can't make babies, period. We are a bisexual species not a homosexual species. You must have a person who has testes and a penis mating with a person who has ovaries and a uterus to procreate. No law is going to change that fact. Call me extreme for pointing out the obvious.

Ignoring reality, California State Assemblyman Tom Ammiano claims that somehow when an insurance company denies to a male-male couple infertility coverage they are "discriminating" based on sexual orientation. I mean who'd a thunk that after a year of sex with each other two lesbian women trying to get pregnant, that they would fail? You'd think that by now fundamental biology would have changed to accept the fact that if two people are in "love" it doesn't matter that they don't have the necessary physical equipment to produce a child. Obviously the Assemblyman didn't go far enough, and should have proposed changes to biologic and physiologic laws.

Ammiano's legislature aims to stop these "discrimination" practices. So if an insurance company refuses to provide infertility treatments for a gay or lesbian couple, who cannot have a baby after a year of having sex and trying to get pregnant, that insurance company would be guilty of a crime. Holy Crap, this is such BS that only the complete disbelief of reality common to a Democrat could understand the rationale for such legislation.

Please explain how anyone would ever expect a female-female couple, or a male-male couple to ever get pregnant and conceive a child through sex. Homosexual marriage isn't the issue here, the queer life style isn't the issue here, the point is that some fundamental reality cannot be changed by legislation. Seriously can anybody explain how this topic isn't absolutely ridiculous and how it would serve any practical purpose?

A penis-penis relationship will never make a baby, any coupling that doesn't include one person with a penis and one without will never make a baby. Human physiology is not going to change to make things "fair" for homosexuals. Choosing to engage in homosexual behavior and expecting that behavior to have the same physical results as a heterosexual behavior is absurd. No amount of wanting a baby to come from the "love" Amanda and Eve (or Adam and Steve) have for each other will change the fact that it aint happenin. There is nothing discriminatory about it. The fact that this legislation was even considered is a testament to how insane political correctness has become.

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