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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Why is it the Government's Business

By Tom Rhodes, 4/17/2012

Why does the government have any say it what is clearly not their business? Consider the whole Rosen debacle where one of Obama's strategist claims that housewives, stay at home mom's, have shouldn't have the right to talk about the economy, and haven't worked a day in their lives. The fact is Obama and his administration, and those whom he consults should have no say in how anybody, including women, chooses to pursue happiness.

Why does the opinion of an unmarried woman who's never raised kids on a single parent income have a more valid opinion on the economy? The idea that an Obama advisor (now thrown under the bus) even thinks that she or the government has any right to insult a political opponent's wife by ridiculing that woman's life choices, is nothing but overbearing conceit and indicates an hatred for traditional family values. She is free to have and express this opinion, but as an political activist often consulted by Obama's administration, it reflects on the President. This was embarrassing for the President, the Democrats, and blew up in their faces. They never even thought to consider that the government shouldn't have a position how individuals choose to live their lives.

"Raising children is a lot of work, and we'd venture to say it's more valuable work than, say, lobbying for the music industry or helping BP with its crisis communications, to name two of the highlights of Rosen's career." ~ JAMES TARANTO, WSJ 4/12/2012

Can you name any work more valuable than raising children. Is closing a business deal more valuable? If so Why? Marriages where women choose to sacrifice a second income to stay at home, raise kids, run a household, are more stable, and have proven repeatedly to be the best method to raise children to be successful productive citizens. Yes there are exceptions, but those are exceptions not the rule. There is nothing more important to society than raising children, period. If it weren't so important why does our government have the following organizations laws and programs: Administration on Children, Youth and Families; Child Care Block Grant; Child Nutrition Act; Elementary and Secondary Education Act; Head Start Act; Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Act; Maternal and Child Health Bureau ; Maternal and Child Health Services Block Grant; National School Lunch Act; Office of Elementary and Secondary Education; Office of Special Education and Rehabilitative Services, Department of Education; Special Supplemental Food Program for Women, Infants and Children (WIC); States Children's Health Insurance Program; Supplemental Security Income for Disabled Children; Temporary Assistance for Needy Families; and many more? The fact is our laws, regulations, bureaus, all show that as a society we value raising children, yet this administration is attacking the proven best condition for children to be raised, a stay at home mom. Why?

Why did the Obama administration manufacture another crisis? What business does the government have in even voicing an opinion on how some women choose to live their lives? The government has far more important business than its current war on traditional society. It appears that the government doesn't want people to be able to pursue happiness if they don't choose to pursue what the government wants. Look at the attacks on Homeschooling, attacks on school choice, attacks on married stay at home moms, attacks on gun owners, attacks on the states, attacks on private property. It appears as though the government actually thinks that it's their business to worry about how hard a woman works or doesn't. Shouldn't people be allowed to make life choices and sacrifices and be allowed to enjoy the perks of those choices?

The government seems to want power, over every choice every person makes, because they think they know what's best for each individual. Look at retirement; Assume you and another earn the same basic wages, if you choose to live frugally and save for retirement, rather than take vacations, buy a huge house, have a new car every couple years, or otherwise spend all your earnings, the government now wants you to be required to use your savings to support those in old age who chose not to live frugally and save. This is exactly what Means based Social Security means.

Statists not only want to control the choices we have in how we live our lives, they want to control what we see, hear and say. There has been a rash of new proposed laws to make it illegal to "offend" somebody online. Remember Hillary Clinton's quote on us having "too much free speech" or Former president Clinton saying the people have too much information (he's been reported as recently saying he would prefer that we went back to the big 3 for all our news). Secretary of State Clinton also called for "gatekeepers" to the news. Obama's Cyber security, and other requested or proposed internet regulations are evidence that the Statists want control, not liberty. Obama has consistently tried to use administrative regulations to impose new laws, especially when the laws he wants are not passed by the people's representatives in Congress.

What business is it of the federal government to know what people say online? What business is it of the federal government to know where people are (Why do we allow our federal government to track our movements through our cell phones without warrants)? What business is it of the federal government to know how much any individual chooses to save for retirement? What business is it of the governments to know how many or what kind of personal arms an individual owns? What business is it of the federal government to even know if you're married? There is truth in the old cliché "Knowledge is Power." It appears as though our government wants more power over all individuals; hence they want more knowledge of every aspect of our lives.

Obama's goals are statist in nature; they have nothing to do with protecting individuals. He has contempt for the constitutional limits on government. I cannot identify any Obama policy enacted or proposed that enhances any individual's liberty or any that don't increase government control over individual lives. He attacks countries that are no threat to the USA, he attacks individual liberty, he holds in contempt the traditional values of most of America (can you say "Bitter Clinger"), he ignores the rule of law, he promotes and makes exemptions to the law for his political favorites. He is loyal to nobody or anything except increasing government power. Ask Rosen how loyal Obama is to his supporters. Obama and his administration believe that the they know best how every person should live their lives, hence their actions indicate that their clear goals are to increase government power at the expense of your individual liberty, the very definition of a statist.

Obama clearly is not conservative, liberal, or libertarian. He believes in statism: the principle or policy of concentrating extensive economic, political, and related controls in the state at the cost of individual liberty.

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