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Saturday, April 7, 2012

The Simple Difference

By Tom Rhodes 4/6/2012

When a libertarian hears something on the radio he doesn’t like, say an NPR Editorial or a Strasburg Waltz, he turns the channel; exercising free will and choosing not to listen to what they want without infringing on other peoples free choice to listen. When a Liberal rears something on the radio he doesn’t like, say a Rush Editorial or a Lee Greenwood moldy oldy they try to create a law like the “Fairness Doctrine” or take some other actions so that nobody has the choice to listen to what liberals don’t want to hear.

The difference is simple and clear. Liberals don’t want people to be allowed to exercise free will if people don’t exercise freedom in a way liberals don’t like.

This can be seen in a huge variety of liberal positions. Take education, liberals are against any programs that actually offer parents choices in how their children are educated. They are anti-voucher, anti-charter schools, and anti-homeschooling. They simply don’t want people to have the freedom to choose what they think is best for their children because they want control and allowing people freedom means that the government doesn’t have control.

Consider something as simple as housing. Liberals and totalitarians worldwide are trying to force “sustainable” development rules on the world. They want concentrations of people renting, they do not want “sprawl” it doesn’t matter what people freely want to choose for themselves. Private property, and the free choice of people to have and use private property as they see fit is not even a consideration of liberals. They don’t want to allow individuals to exercise free will, but instead want some ruling elite to determine what is best and dictate how to live. Freedom of individuals to live as they see fit isn’t even considered. In fact they have such disdain for individual that they routinely claim that “most” people aren’t smart enough to make decisions for themselves.

Those who believe in liberty, libertarians, also know that with the exercise of free will comes the responsibility to live with the results of your choices. This is why liberals hate liberty; it has associated responsibility. They don’t want themselves or others to be responsible for the consequences of free will. Health care is a perfect example, they do not want people to have to be responsible for their life choices, and want those who make responsible choices to have to pay and care for those who don’t. They call it wealth redistribution, but it is a simple matter of not wanting anybody to suffer the consequences of exercising free will. They think that somebody who smokes, over eats, and never exercises should have the same affordable health care as somebody who doesn’t smoke, exercises regularly, and is careful about what they eat.

This is also why they are generally anti-Christian. Christianity is at its heart the exercise of free will. Christians believe that there is only one way, and that everybody has free will to choose or not choose the path to salvation. Liberals hate the fact that the exercise of free will and making a bad choice means eternal damnation. They hate free will, because some people might not make the right choice. The ultimate expression of freedom is in Christianity, where a person can be free from the guilt and punishment of a lifetime of sins by simply exercising free will. Of course that acknowledges the responsibility for accepting the consequences of that decision. Exercising free will has consequences, liberals have some child like idea that nobody should suffer for anything, and that nobody should have to live with the consequences of making bad choices, hence they hate free will and liberty.

In Wyoming officials admitted that they infringed upon the first amendment rights of a Christian group. Their solution, rather than stop discriminating against one view point, is to silence all viewpoints. Rather than tolerate the exercise of expression that they don’t like, they choose to install rules that mean nobody is allowed to communicate any ideas. (LINK)

It is so bad that in the people’s republic of Massachusetts school officials went so far as to change the words of Lee Greenwood’s 1984 song “God Bless the USA,” that little kids would be singing. Once the outcry from the general public, and Greenwood exercised his copyrights telling them that they couldn’t take God out of his song because as he said, "it’s the most important part", the liberal government types in Massachusetts took the predicted mode and just canceling the entire concert.

The simple difference between liberals and libertarians is tolerance. Liberals do not and will not tolerate any ideas or even the expression of ideas they don’t like, their actions and words clearly reflect this. Go look at or join in some political discussion groups on Facebook, you will clearly see that it is liberals that call for the removal of those they don’t agree, or when liberal government types run a discussion group they are the first to remove people whose ideas they don’t like. The actual evidence is clear, liberal government types cannot stand and don’t tolerate ideas they don’t like, ideas like free will, and liberty.

Now do you want people whose actions repeatedly demonstrate that that believe that is preferable to silence everybody than allow expressions they don’t agree, making your laws? Voting for a liberal government type that is exactly what you get. Be the liberal government type named Obama, or Romney, voting for them is a vote to restrict your rights and a vote against tolerance.

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