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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Home Brewed Racism

By Tom Rhodes, 4/4/20125

All the talk and accusations of racism concerning Trayvan, when it is now clear that to make this look like a racist event; a Hispanic man is labeled as white; reliance on what have now been confirmed as doctored both audio and video to publicly convict Zimmerman regardless of the facts (he may be guilty but the facts are not all out); Calls for inquiry and seeking the truth are labeled as racist; total disregard for any evidence that doesn’t meet pre-conceived conclusions; and what appears to be the total disregard for much more heinous racist hate crimes. This is a case of home brewed racism, not real organic racism.

Have you heard about Allen Coon, the 13-year-old white kid in Kansas City, soaked in gasoline and set on fire while the two young black men yelled, “You get what you deserve, white boy!”? Wasn’t a headline story on NPR, MSNBC, NBC, ABC, etc. Why no cry for Sharpton and Jackson to fly off to Kansas City and admonish the local community, and to insist on the Kansas City Police to arrest those clearly racist assailants? Why didn’t the President call for some soul searching as to why black teenagers would do this to a white boy? The sad evil truth that nobody is allowed to say is that a disproportionate amount of black/white hate crimes is not white’s attacking blacks, but blacks attacking whites. Worse yet is the sad fact is that young black men are murdered far more often than any other group in our country, not by whites but by other black men. Want some very scary but we can’t talk about information; if you exclude black on black murders, the US murder rate is not any higher than other industrialized western nations.

If you really want to address racism then we need to address two issues, the drug war and the fact that 3 of every 4 black babies is born to an unwed mother. The war on drugs is disproportionately applied to blacks, and once a person has a criminal record you can “legally” discriminate against them. It’s not racist to refuse to hire somebody with a “criminal” record. The racism was creating and maintaining laws which make certain activities illegal based on ancient cultural preferences. In America we’ve got home brewed racism based on old cultural preferences for brew over plants.

People use mind altering drugs, always have always will. There is no scientific ground to claim that alcohol is less dangerous than pot or coca leaves, and the concentration of either through processing like distillation makes both sources of mind altering substances far more dangerous. Although virtually all cultures use both, the generally preferred mind altering substance of whites is alcohol, of minorities it has been coca and pot. The reason is anthropologically sound, availability of mind altering substances in the ancient historic dwelling places lead to cultural preferences. European heritage lead to a preference for fermented fruits, grain, etc. because that is what was easiest to acquire. Asian, African, and western hemisphere natives have a preference for smoked or ingested plant leafs, because that is what was easiest to acquire. It is easy to conclude that making leaf and flower based mind alter substances illegal, while keeping fruit, berry, and grain fermentation products legal is a subtle but functional method to keep Eurocentric racism acceptable. The idea that it is criminal to use one natural based mind altering substance like pot, while it is socially acceptable (and expected in powerful social circles) to use other mind altering substances like wine, is patently absurd.

Being a single parent is less than ideal, it is not desirable, and not the best way to raise children. Right now 3 of every 4 black babies is born to an unwed mother; Why? The answer is easy and the same; the racist war on drugs. Black women don’t have a socially acceptable pool of black men to marry who are not criminals. The social standard to marry morally upright and “good” man is greatly hindered by the fact that a huge percentage of black males are “criminals.” Prohibition resulted in Al Capone, and massive gang warfare, police corruption, murder and made normal honest people criminals. The war on drugs does exactly the same thing, but because it is targeted to minorities it provides racists a socially acceptable method to discriminate, the result is massive numbers of young black men permanently labeled as criminals, making them unsuitable for other employment and diminishing their standing as marriage material. No woman wants to marry a man who spent his teens and 20’s in and out of jail rather than developing skills that would make him a good provider, father, and husband. End the war on drugs, and the result will be a significant decrease in unwed mothers in the communities it affects.

The fact is that racism, the real lynching murdering racism of the past in the USA is all but gone. There are very rare events where some racist slime murders those whom they hate, but it is very very rare and is not tolerated by anybody of any race. The reality is that real racist organizations like the KKK and the Black Panthers are pretty much powerless and a mostly good for late night joke material. The vast majority of Americans see people like Sharpton and Jackson as opportunist race baiters. The massive fraudulent communications by the press to try and make Trayvan/Zimmerman racist issue which as more evidence is exposed, it clearly isn’t, is only hurting race relations and not productive. Failure to recognize that our current laws which criminalize eon’s old behavior based on cultural preferences are racist in nature and need to be eliminated is a far bigger problem. Since the powers of big government have found that the war on drugs is profitable (for government), can be used to control a significant portion of the population, increases government power, and allows discrimination against “criminals,” don’t expect any real changes anytime soon.

This is Legal:

This is not:


The solution is simple, liberty. Drug laws are very anti-liberty, they imply that the government can and should control what kind of natural mind altering products you choose to use. The absurdity and double standard are appalling. My hobby, brewing, allows me to make up 200 gallons of primo-hooch every year. Being of European decent, I prefer hard apple cider to other drugs. My latest, “Drunken Moose Mead,” was brewed from local honey and store bought apple juice right in my kitchen, not only does it tastes great but with a 22% alcohol content, it produces a potent buzz. Why is this legal, socially and culturally acceptable, yet gardening plants in the back yard, or window box that when used produce a similar mind altering state a crime? The reason is that beer and wine making are a traditional European “Craft” and growing pot, coca or poppy plants is a third world criminal “enterprise.” That is just racist and sick. I don’t plan to stop brewing, but will work to make all kinds of gardening legal. Home brew is legal, home grown isn’t, that has to change.

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