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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Popular Science Tells Scientists to “Stop Looking”

By Tom Rhodes, 6/5/2014

In the April 2014 issue of Popular Science, the is asking scientists to stop doing science that might reach Politically Correct conclusions. Specifically stop doing neuroscience looking at the differences between men and women because the results might support politically incorrect stereotypes. The call (and title of the article) is to “Stop Looking For 'Hardwired' Differences In Male And Female Brains.”

Understand exactly what “Popular Science” is calling for. Stop doing scientific research that might lead to evidence that sex based stereotypes are based on real physiologic differences in males and females. “Popular Science” believes that evidence that doesn’t support the feminist position that the differences between boys and girls is socially induced and not rooted in biological differences, and that scientists should not do any research that might upset their belief. Even the primary example they use to illustrate their point, actually proves the opposite.

”In the past decade, several thousand papers have been published on sex differences in the human brain. Many physical differences are genuine, but oftentimes not meaningful. Take for example, an easily measurable characteristic: size. One study recorded men’s brain volumes at 1,053 to 1,499 cubic centimeters and women’s at 975 to 1,398. The overlap means you couldn’t tell the sex of a random brain from its size.”

How is a simple measurement that can clearly identify sex of more than a third of all samples not meaningful. Saying that you can't tell the sex of a random brain from its size ignores the fact that any adult human brain smaller than 1053 cc is female, and any larger than 1398 cc is male. Because about a third of human brains are larger than 1053 cc or smaller than 1398 cc that data IS meaningful, so too is the fact that there is a two thirds overlap in brain size between the sexes. The hard fact is that the average size of women’s brains is 1187 cc and the average size of a men’s brains is 1276 cc, that 7% difference is meaningful.

New research also indicates that there is a difference between how men’s and women’s brains are wired. The research indicates that men have stronger connections within a given hemisphere, whereas women have stronger connections between the two. Again there is overlap but a clear measurable difference in total population studied. Just as brain size and intelligence are clearly related. In 2005, psychologist Michael McDaniel evaluated studies that used brain-imaging and standard intelligence tests and found that unequivocally, bigger brains correlated with smarter people [source: McDaniel]. The overlap in male/female brain size is meaningful too; when scientists converted the SAT scores of 100,000 17- and 18-year-olds to a corresponding IQ score and found that males averaged 3.63 IQ points higher than the females. Since you all know that the average IQ is 100, that means that although men have on average a 7% larger brain it only results in about average 3% increase in IQ. Thus when looking at the totality of populations, the differences are real, measurable, and meaningful, but those real difference do not correlate to any specific individual.

This all points to the very un-PC fact that men and women are different. Casual observation and in-depth statistical analysis will show you that there are far more men in engineering than women, and there are far more women in nursing and teaching than men. Both are valued and worthy professions, and the bias we see in men/women self-select those professions is clearly observable and scientifically rational. The overlap in human brains between the sexes is why there are individuals of either sex who excel and are successful in avocations that stereotypically populated by the other sex; while the reason there are sex based stereotypical avocations is because as a whole men and women are different in observable measurable ways that results in them self-selecting different vocations. So historically and scientifically we readily observe that on the whole men are more suited for some vocations and women more suited for others.

It is not politically correct to note there are clear historic and scientific facts that indicate that men and women have real physiologic and neurologic differences that result in differing abilities and preferences. “Popular Science” now is pushing to stop research that might actually scientifically quantify those differences. This is why people are now doubting scientists as a reliable source of the truth. It can be clearly observed that if the science doesn’t reach the preconceived outcome that the ruling elite desire it is not published, hidden, covered up, and not funded (Watch the documentary “Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed”). Truth is the victim of political correctness. “Popular Science” has clearly gone the way of 1984 and is a purveyor of newspeak not truth.

It’s not just Popular Science. Rather than debate, discuss, and look at the science of global warming, any talk, article, reference, etc. to ideas and research that doesn’t support the theory of Anthropogenic Climate Change is forbidden from the LA Times. Canadian weather forecasters are forbidden from discussing climate change. The is a clear scientific link between abortion and breast cancer you don’t read about that in the news. The real reasons pro-lifers are pro-life are never mentioned (they are characterized as women-haters, even though there are more women than men in the pro-life movement). The MSM is dominated by newspeak, 1984 was prophetical not allegorical.

The statists in our country are attacking the truth, we are seeing our liberty and freedoms eroded at medieval rates. Statists at our colleges and universities openly call for censorship of ideas they don’t want discussed or expressed. Statists in the press routinely refuse to report and actively deny and slander news that doesn’t support the statist agenda. Now even Popular Science calls for scientific research to stop because the truth might not support current PC positions. This coincides with the open attack on Christianity, the religion that lead to the scientific method, the religion that lead to the enlightenment and libertarian thinking. Truth leads to freedom, Christ said, “you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free." Popular Science is so worried that the truth might not lead to PC conclusions, it tells scientists to “Stop Looking.”

Popular Science is basically saying “Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain.”

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