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Monday, June 16, 2014

Moore's law is going to explode

By Tom Rhodes, 6/16/2014

Looks like Moore’s law is going to get blown apart soon. The idea that due to miniaturization and faster transistors that computing speed will double every 18 months has held true for a while. New discovery that will allow to not only measure the polarity but also the spin of electrons in electronics will move us from a binary systems to quadratic systems using both spin and polarity. So instead of every position on a bus or in storage representing either + or – you’ll have each position resulting one of 4 representations, +S +D –S or –D. that will be the initial improvement. So instead of a 64bit processor being able to handle 4000 combinations per cycle, it will be able to handle 16MILLION combinations per cycle. Interesting note that in 64bit storage a 16Million color image, will require only 1 position per pixel to describe it’s color, reducing the size of a 16Million color image by a factor of 4000. That means an image that used to take 2 megabytes of data would require a small fraction of that for storage.

And . . . . when instead of just measuring spin in terms of left and right but in degrees of left or right (degree of polymerization) true 8, 16 and even 32 character storage positions instead of binary will be possible. Computing will EXPLODE faster than the 80’s. The Heusler compound is going to change computing. Based on using Co2MnSi this is the breakthrough that physicists and chemists around the world have long anticipated, and it will play a pivotal role in information technology.

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