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Monday, February 17, 2014

What Difference Does it Make

By Tom Rhodes, 2/17/2014

By now Hillary’s infamous “What difference does it make!” line has been used and abused about a zillion times in the blogosphere and social networks. The problem is honesty and the rule of law make more of a difference than Hillary or Obama or progressives in general are willing to admit.

Consider Obamacare and what is fully acknowledged as one of the biggest lies in political history “if you liked your health care, you could keep it.” The problem isn’t that its foundational premise lie, liberals didn’t even blink when they found out it was a lie, much less be offended by the lie. The problem is that liberals, progressives, and statists of all sorts are offended that the lie was pointed out, exposed, and talked about.

They and all the American people now know that Obama purposefully lied in order that the government could gain control of 1/5th of the American economy. The reason why Pelosi fought so hard to have the Democrat controlled House pass the law to see what was in it, why Obama reneged on his multiple transparency promises (specifically health care legislation), is that power not health care, power not liberty, power not security, are the goal. Their hubris at the idea that “we the people” should even question their promises, much less actions, show utter contempt for the average American.

America is different for the first couple centuries, even if we lost an election we knew we lost fair and square, and that were at least heard. We knew and believed in the rule of law and that all sides have a fair chance at being heard and then voting for what we believe, and win or lose accepted the results. But things have changed. “What difference it makes” is that rather than respect the limits we place on government as leaders in the past did, today’s liberals are personified by Obama, who routinely reject Checks and Balances, and the limits placed by “We the People.” What is plain is that even though 70% of us want to stop deficit spending we are ignored. What’s plain is that even though our losses
aren’t fair. And rather than listen to us we are told “What difference does it make”. Or when pointing out that the action is unconstitutional are told “Are You Kidding”.

We aren’t being listened too, the rules are bent or broken or ignored, that crucial legitimacy is gone. And then there are no rules to respect. The blatant destruction of our Constitution’s boundaries, is leading to actions our leaders won’t acknowledge. America is arming itself, the ammo shortages in the news aren’t manufactured, they are real, not because of some government plot but because of simple supply and demand. No longer is having a box or two of ammo “enough,” people routinely hoard 20+ boxes for each weapon they own, “just in case.”

Why such distrust of government? Let’s face were Americans and trusting Uncle Same has never been a strong point. But today we plainly see the rule of law is dead. The government cannot be trusted in any endeavor to do as it promises. Both parties work for nothing more than power. We see our police being issued tanks and battle vehicles, WTF. We see massive amounts of ammunition ordered and purchased by government agencies that we didn’t even know had guns. That ammo is hollow-point and although effective, its use violates the Geneva Convention so can’t be used by our military or against a foreign army so the government obviously fears domestic not foreign attack.

The experiment in freedom that is the USA is ending. The ruling elite have for over two centuries trying to put the genie back in the bottle. The ruling elite show open contempt for the average person, who they don’t believe can be trusted with the freedom to decide what to eat, where to live, what car to drive, what to teach their children. They monitor the travel of every citizen they can, monitor their phones and emails, totally disregarding the constitution limits on unreasonable searches. Secret courts, oaths of silence, and the like are the work of today’s US government. We The People forming a government with limited powers instituted to protect the right of mere citizens life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness was and is a slap in the fact to the ruling elite. So they ignore the Constitution.

To Hillary, Obama, Reid, Boehner, Crist, “the difference it makes” is that once We the People see you are ignoring the restrictions on the limited power we’ve given you, We will ignore you, your laws, and rules. Connecticut is not exactly a bastion of libertarianism, but . . . massive numbers of good law abiding citizens did ignore the law and refused to register their “assault weapons”; what is Connecticut going to do with 100,000+ new felons? Want some fun, google “Shoot Shovel and Shut-up.” Who anymore thinks cheating on your income taxes is morally wrong? Just try to get a conviction on pot possession in Philadelphia, We the People simply refuse to convict. Obamacare, We the People see that congress doesn’t have to abide by it, corporations don’t have to abide by it so We the People are ignoring it and not signing up.

Modern Western Civilization depended on the “rule of law” and on “equality under the law.” In as much as our ruling elite now blatantly ignore both, so too are We the People ignoring or actively disobeying the “law” as without the both the “rule of law” and on “equality under the law” laws are just dictates of a tyrannically few, and We the People have proven repeatedly that we will not suffer tyranny. It would be nice if our republic could remain united, but tyranny from ruling elite who refuse to live within their means and within the restrictions of power granted to them byWe the People, will spell the death of our republic and maybe Western Civilization. That is the difference.

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