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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Olympics and Equality

By Tom Rhodes, 2/18/2014

The Olympics is a direct demonstration of the fact that women do not belong in military combat positions, period. The Winter Olympics are politically incorrect proof that equality between men and women’s abilities simply doesn’t exist. In all the traditional Winter Olympic events women compete on less arduous courses. In luge they start lower on the track to reduce their speed, and this year they can finally do ski jumping, but only on the smaller hill. The Olympics are sexist, and for good reason.

We love the beauty and grace of our women gymnasts and figure skaters, and tolerate the minor injuries women get in these sports. We expect our soldiers to get hurt; We expect men in football to be carried off in stretchers; Seeing women in horrendous accidents and carried off the venue in stretchers brings gasps from the audience and hurts our civilized sensibilities. Here are handful of results of women trying to compete on venue’s designed for the very best men.

  • Jacqueline Hernandez injured during the women's snowboard cross seeding at Rosa Khutor Extreme
  • Ski-cross racer Maria Komissarova of Russia broke her spine during a practice run at the Extreme Park and is being treated in Munich after undergoing surgery in Krasnaya Polyana, the nearest town to the venue.
  • Miki Ito of Japan suffered an injury in the warm up before the Ladies' Moguls
  • Canadian skier Yuki Tsubota suffered a mild concussion and a fractured cheekbone in a Feb. 11 crash during the women’s slopestyle.
  • Norway’s Helene Olafsen was carried off the course with a knee injury during the women’s snowboard cross.
  • Britain’s Rowan Cheshire, a skier in the women’s halfpipe event, withdrew from the games after being knocked unconscious during training.

    The number of world class women skiers who DNF the women’s Super-G was scary. Even in figure skating women aren’t doing quad’s that are almost routine for the men. Civilized people protect their women. We are becoming less civilized. Bowing to cries for equality we ignore the blatant differences between men and women. Look at the Rosa Khutor Extreme Park, the site of the snowboarding and freestyle skiing events like halfpipe, slopestyle and moguls. No quarter is given to women here, and as the name implies this is extreme and there have been lots of injuries, the majority to the women. Unlike the traditional alpine events there is equality and no course concessions made for women. The result has been obvious - many more women DNF, and many more getting injured.

    Canada’s slopestyle bronze medalist, Kim Lamarra, admits women are not up to the standard for men lamented, “Most of the courses are built for the big show, for the men, I think they could do more to make it safer for women.” The slopestyle skiing completion was delayed several times by women’s, shall we say, spectacular wipeouts. This demonstrates the reality of equality between the sexes. At the Extreme Park, even to the observable detriment of the female participants, equality doesn’t exist. The fact is that even though they compete on the same course the men do, it is not an example of equality because the women don’t directly compete against the men. The reason they don’t obvious, in extreme sports female athletes would be both inferior and uncompetitive, they simply can’t compete against men. Worse yet when they try, they get hurt, and they behave like lemmings; they will literally kill themselves in their incoherent denial that they are not equal to men. The best go for the biggest jumps and obstacles trying to prove they are capable, the other girls follow and the result is demonstrably increased morbidity.

    In some sports like, wrestling, boxing, fencing, biathlon, the direct marshal skills and comparison to combat is blatant. In others less so, but sports are a substitute for combat to determine who’s faster, stronger, can last longer, more skilled, or better. Skiing, skating, running, racing, whatever, sports are competitive, hopefully non-fatal, substitutes to combat. That is part of why vastly more men than women both enjoy and participate in sports. Sports including the Olympics are competitive leisure games whose basis is to keep men prepared for combat and competing against each other.

    Women cannot compete in competitive leisure games at the same level of men without hurting themselves at a vastly disproportionate level, how do we expect them to hold their own in combat? Combat military positions are extreme beyond anything mere sports can dish out, in combat the enemy is actively trying to harm them, and there are no concessions for the fact that they are girls. The Olympics prove one thing very clearly. Men and women are not equal and women cannot perform at the level men do under “equal” conditions, this is a fact, an observable truth, a subject that that no amount of crying or utopian thinking of how things should be will change. Men and women are not interchangeable. As a group women are not suited physically or emotionally for combat and with a very rare exception should be excluded from combat positions in our military.

    A civilized society protects its women, they do the most important job no man can do, that’s why there is blatant sexism in the Olympics. Not allowing women to compete against men, making sure the courses and challenges are appropriate for the limited abilities of women, are restrictions to protect women because on an even playing field they cannot compete. Feminists fight and demand “equality,” the Rosa Khutor Extreme Park, without separate venues for women, is the result feminism. The resulting increased morbidity of women from that venue is evidence that feminists are misogynistic, preferring the injury and death of women in the name of equality, rather than accept the patently obvious. Civilized people know there are real limits and that men and women are not equal, and strive to protect women, even from feminists.

    When women can compete with men, on an even playing field, with no concessions, then and only then should they be considered for combat. The science is clear, there will have to be significant evolutionary change to our species before this will happen. Because combat is real, and deadly, and uncompromising the standards for combat MOS’s should not be diminished just because so few women can meet them. That’s equality, the Olympics make it clear that “all things being equal” for some sports, some jobs, and some tasks and some positions, women are not equal to men. Yes there are some things women can do better than men, so what, that’s the point, men and women are not the same and are not always interchangeable, so we should not expect equal outcomes, and we shouldn’t allow them in combat positions in our military.
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