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Friday, February 14, 2014

Obama Ushers in the End of Modern Civilization

By Tom Rhodes, 2/14/2014

Obama claimed he wanted to fundamentally change America while running for office. His methodology and actions will not only fundamentally change America but will end modern western civilization. No it’s not hyperbole. As I’ve noted in many previous articles, Obama and the ruling elite have effectively ended the rule of law and returning us to the norm for all of mankind. Rule by a few elite with little or no options for the masses.

In the USA the rule of law is dead. The Obama Administration has just announced that it ‘s 18th unilateral and arbitrarily change to the Obamacare ignoring The Constitution and the Checks and Balances of having congress not the president create law. The American political system has been perverted by a White House that doesn’t feel bound by the rule of law. The Wall Street Journal agrees:

…the law increasingly means whatever President Obama says it does on any given day. His latest lawless rewrite arrived on Monday as the White House decided to delay the law’s employer mandate for another year and in some cases maybe forever. …last summer the Treasury offered a year-long delay until 2015 despite having no statutory authorization. …Now the new delay arrives amid a furious debate about jobs after a damning Congressional Budget Office report last week, only this time with liberals celebrating ObamaCare’s supposed benefits to the job market. …Oh, and the Treasury also notes that, “As these limited transition rules take effect, we will consider whether it is necessary to further extend any of them beyond 2015.” So the law may be suspended indefinitely if the White House feels like it. …The text of the Affordable Care Act specifically says when the mandate must take effect—”after December 31, 2013?—and does not give the White House the authority to change the terms. Changing an unambiguous statutory mandate requires the approval of Congress, but then this President has often decided the law is whatever he says it is.

If the President wants to change the law, he should propose legislation and send it to Congress – PERIOD! Anything else is illegal, unconstitutional, and carries no authority. Some enterprising individual should sue their company (of 50 to 100 employees) for not following the law, regardless of Obama’s claimed authority to delay the implementation beyond Congresses mandate. The reason Obama is avoiding having to deal with congress. The people elected congress and those representatives would force the White House to make concessions to get the changes it wants. It’s easier to ignore the Rule of Law and act like a two bit dictator.

The reason Obama can act like a two bit dictator and get away with it is simple. Political Correctness has perverted civilization. Political Correctness is the most telling feature of today's elite culture. The PC are consistently those who think of themselves as the best of people. Unlike the mere common persons, they believe that they have risen above xenophobic patriotism, racism, sexism, classism, heterosexism, and every other ism. They’re inclusive! Political correctness quite succinctly compliments the self-importance of elites. Their politically correct views are a signal of their moral right to rule.

Political correctness is a powerful tool used as a weapon with which to destroy competitors for power and status. If your view is traditional and not PC it is dismissed as economically naive, or as unable to recognize cultural differences, homophobic, etc. and are by definition unqualified to either rule or even have an opinion how those who are PC choose to rule. Anybody with a real education is in the know about these things! . . . not accepting PC means you’re an uneducated rube bitterly clinging to bourgeois ideas of the past.

The reason the ruling elite, like Obama, constantly work to enact laws to take your money, infringe on your constitutional rights, deny you your property, silence your dissent, and imprison or kill you if you try to resist, isn’t just believing that they know better than you how you should spend your time and your money, what you should eat, what car you should drive, what science you should believe and which sexual perversions you accept; they also hate you for not agreeing with them. Just as kings of old believed in their divine right to rule, you merely not accepting the ruling elites superiority is all the justification they need for marginalizing you, discriminating against you, blacklisting you or otherwise eliminate you.

This PC worldview allows the destruction of modern civilization. The very idea you a mere commoner, hold the ruling elite to the same laws you are subject is proof of your inferiority. Political Correctness allows the idea of democracy to overrun our republic. The difference is world view, a republic is ruled by law a democracy is ruled by opinion. Well we used to have a republic based on a Christian world view, today we have a tyranny based on worshiping the state. Statist leaders get angry that the people don’t just obey their tens of thousands of laws, they firmly believe that the ruling elite know better how everybody should live and reject the rule of law. Imagine if a congressman got caught doing drugs and was subjected to the same treatment as a 20 yr old black man. The Rule of Law is dead.

Obama’s White House is undermining the basic underpinnings of our system of governance to the point where we now live in a neo-feudal society not a Republic. The ruling elite are now unaccountable for the laws that they severely punish the rest of us. The major news outlets ignore Obama’s abuses of power, because they understand this and want to either be part of the ruling elite, or at least have the favor of the ruling elite. Obama arrogantly declaring he will ignore the Constitution goes unchallenged or are treated as a “gaffe” or “joke.” The absolute smoking gun that the IRS is targeting Obama’s detractors is not front page news because as Dinesh D’Souza can attest, pointing out the facts is dangerous. News this week that freedom of the press in the USA has deteriorated significantly is evidence. We are devolving to a neo-feudal society where an oligarchy rules, even the press. This is a collapse of civilization and reversion of society to warlord rule.

Consider the attack on what is generally regarded as civilized and good. Statists, specifically progressives routinely attack the underpinnings of modern western civilization. Civilized people generally recognize that for most people, having a married mother and father is a good thing; that being married to a member of the opposite sex, and raising a family, is a good thing; that celebrating the natural and innate differences between male and female, and allowing society to reap the respective strengths of each, is a good thing; parents are responsible for and not only have the duty but the right to raise their children with the values they believe; in essence the traditional family is a fundamental element to a civilized society. From a practical and moral and philosophic standpoint the traditional family is good. From a statist and liberal standpoint the traditional family must be destroyed, it undermines the idea that some others not related to you better understand what’s best for you and should have the right to dictate how you should live.

The elimination of the rule of law and destruction of the value of the traditional family are observably leading to the destruction of modern western civilization and a return to rule by the elite, the historic norm for mankind throughout history. Thus Obama is ushering in the end of modern western civilization, he, statists, progressives, etc. all think this is a good thing and is the “fundamental change” Obama promised and seeks.

Related Intemperate thoughts:

  • Collapse of the rule of law leads to clearly illogical excuses for not enforcing laws. Answer this question: If we must give illegal immigrants amnesty because children should not suffer for the “mistakes” of their parents, does that mean that murders who have kids should not be prosecuted? Or because the evidence is clear that children suffer most when their parents’ divorce, does it mean that parents shouldn’t be allowed to divorce if they have children? There just isn’t logic behind using the suffering of a person’s child as the basis to absolve that person from their crimes or even mistakes. Arguing the consequence is a classic fallacy in logic.

  • In Connecticut somewhere between 50 and 300 thousand people ignored the law to register their weapons by Jan 1. Although the news isn’t covering it as such, this is civil disobedience on a massive scale. Is massive civil disobedience soon to be the norm? How will the ruling elite react when the people say “no”? Can Connecticut handle a couple hundred thousand new “felons” in their judicial system who refuse to obey the ruling elites dictates? When the people realize the ruling elite are under no obligation to obey the restrictions placed on them by the people, the people, rightly or not, reject the obligation to obey the ruling elite. Thus ends the rule of law.

  • The most productive part of society that produces the surplus that pays for government, entitlements, and our modern western lifestyles is working aged men. No longer respected nor even allowed to be the lord of his home and head of his family, in massive numbers this group is deciding to hold up in mom’s basement and play video games rather than participate in a society that is overtly hostile to them. This is “freeing” as young men are unleashed or untethered from employment and traditional male roles to allow them to pursue their dreams, like being a pirate in “Assassin's Creed.” Who’s going to take up the slack, sacrifice, and do the dirty dangerous jobs or stay at the office 80hrs a week to create that surplus that made entitlements, social security, and all of modern western civilization possible?

  • There isn’t a 50 yr old women with 30 years of experience out in this week’s snow storms climbing power poles and insuring the rest of us have electricity. Women not taking hard dangerous work isn’t the problem. We’re lucky right now there is an experienced man willing to climb a pole and work on energized 69,000 volt lines in a snow storm to keep the heat on, the problem is there isn’t a 20 yr old apprentice freezing his ass off trying to learn from that lineman, and there isn’t a 20 yr old girl both willing and able to take up a dangerous physically demanding job that when the weather gets nasty requires 80 hour work week in the snow, slush, and rain while taking her away from her children and mate, and do that job week-in and week-out non-stop for 30+ years. Rather than rewarding the man who is willing to make the physical and temporal sacrifices doing the jobs and producing the surplus that make civilization possible, society is telling him he’s the oppressor and un-fair and takes the fruit of his labor and sacrifice and gives it to others who did nothing to earn it. Society has such contempt for the man who works hard and sacrifices it tells him he doesn’t know best how the fruit of his labor should be used, so it take his labor an redistribute it as the ruling elite dictate. It’s no wonder young men aren’t in college, or working, or marrying, they see society as wanting them to take all the risks but give up all the rewards.
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