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Monday, February 25, 2013

The Game.

By Tom Rhodes, 2/25/2013

The Game is declared to be "democracy" it's not, the controllers of the Game want to include only two teams; Team Jackass and Team Pachyderm. Other teams are excluded and even when they do get to play the only allowed winners are those supported by statists, Team Jackass and Team Pachyderm. It's rigged and they hate others trying to play using the truth. Fighting with statists and exposing them to the truth is fun but somewhat counterproductive. Although outside of the ruling elite the argument almost always boils down to "MY guy might be bad....but he's nowhere near as bad as YOUR guy!"

Libertarians and other groups who espouse the general principle that so long as you're not infringing upon the rights of others you should be free to do as you please have a major problem. We don't want to be controlled and are consistent in our beliefs and translate not wanting to be controlled into not wanting to control others. That is why in general we lose, as it's hard to get a good qualified person to run on a plat form of "I don't care so long as you leave me alone."

The truth is if you favor either Team Pachyderm or Team Jackass and you are truthful you'd have to admit that "Your guy is rotten, but my guy is just as rotten because it's THEM not us." The perceived beliefs of both Teams Jackass and Pachyderm are rooted in psychological wants and desires not truth. Challenging their beliefs, regardless of how rational, objective, and clearly stated becomes a personal affront. When people take things as personal affronts they become more resistant to change or looking at the truth, and will go to almost any length to defend their personal belief regardless of how much cognitive dissonance required rationalizing it.

Consider Sen. Diane Feinstein, and the January Senate hearings on her proposed new law on banning some weapons. During the hearings there was good representation of both sides of the gun control issue. But because there was an opposing view presented and that view she took as a personal affront, Sen. Feinstein became so upset she's demanding to have her own hearings where those opposed to her point of view won't be present to speak. Her point of view is that if anybody who doesn't agree with her is allowed to be heard than it's a biased hearing against her beliefs. She believes having a hearing where more than one perspective is presented is counterproductive, because it doesn't result in confirming her wants and desires. Logic, reason, and rational discourse that doesn't confirm here pre-conceived beliefs are not to be tolerated.

Right now Carl Rove is trying to purge Team Pachyderm of those who don't support the statist agenda. The officials of the Games have decided that non-statist views are those who support them are not allowed to play the Game. Those opposed to government solutions and more and more government, are being excluded from the Game. The fact is Rove and statists controlling Team Pachyderm, have had their beliefs challenged and can't stand it anymore than Feinstein can accept opposing views to her beliefs.

When statists debate one another (Teams Jackass and Pachyderm), as is commonly displayed on TV and radio as spectacle to ostensibly benefit the public, all they do is reinforce the psychological conditioning and acceptance of big government that they have successfully brainwashed the masses. The Team Pachyderm and Team Jackass advocate the initiation of force against others to mold the world according to their statist social and economic goals. Both teams want to control. Obama is a prime example, when he's failed to get laws allowing him more control; he goes ahead through "executive order." Statists of both teams not getting their way ignore the will of the people, and do what they want anyway.

Once upon a time the idea that everybody was "innocent until proven guilty" was embedded in the psyche of the masses. This meant that everybody accepted the fact that before a fundamental right of a person could be restricted by the government, that the government had the burden of proof, and had to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that individual's rights should be restricted because that individual proved to a jury of his peers that his rights could be restricted. Today that is a foreign concept to the officials of the Game and both Team Jackass and Team Pachyderm. For some reason the idea that you are guilty and must first prove to Game officials, who are chosen by Team Jackass and Team Pachyderm, that you won't abuse your natural rights, has invaded the psyche of the masses.

Most people, especially those in the Libertarian party, believe in a constitutionally limited government and those who believe people are better off free share a common trait, they don't want to be controlled by others and don't have a desire to control others. Some call this "voluntarism." Basically we just want all ya'all to leave us alone and do our own thing, and we'll keep our noses out of your business and let you do your own thing. As long as we're not infringing on each other's rights there are no problems.

The problem is the game, where the officials and major team owners have another idea. Both Team Jackass and Team Pachyderm are statists and have problems with you and I. They both want to infringe on our rights and control us. So anytime a non-statist picks a fight with those teams or even challenges a ruling on the field, you are by association picking a fight with both teams. The right vs. left, or conservative vs. liberal, or Democrat vs. Republican arguments are a game, a pretense, a farce, they are not real just a game. Those arguments are the equivalent of the RPG game Dungeons & Dragons, a nerdy waste of time where the game, D&D, has one purpose Distract & Divide.

The way to win is not to play. Free people cannot be disarmed or enslaved unless they want to be. The only way to disarm a free man and take is freedom is to kill him. Be free, don't play the statist game, quit wasting your time trying to convince the likes of Senator Feinstein with facts and figures, she doesn't care and will take it personally, she like the other statists on Team PachAss are all about control not freedom. Regardless of historic fact, logic, reasoning, objective evidence they don't want nor accept any ideas that limit the state, and not only won't listen to them, will actively try to silence those ideas.

Quit playing the game, live free regardless of what they say and don't support either Team Jackass and Team Pachyderm.

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