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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Former LPF Chair rejects LPF Endorsement.

By Tom Rhodes

Open Letter to Fl Governor Candidate John Wayne Smith.

Dear Mr. Smith,

It is plainly obvious you want to play at politics, but don't actually support your party or want it's support. Although anyone can run for any office claiming to be a member of any party, that doesn't mean that the party they joined supports them. The Libertarian Party of Florida (LPF) has a strait forward methodology of determining which people running for any office have the support of the LPF. This process simply verifies that a person is actually a registered Libertarian, a member of the LPF, and their platform positions, as determined by a short questionnaire, are consistent with the LPF Platform. Once vetted a candidate can and will get the support of the LPF. Although rare, there is no problem vetting more than one person for the same office and more than one person having the support of the LPF. This process doesn't determine if a person is or isn't a Libertarian, it only determines if the LPF will support a person running as a Libertarian.

Regardless of any personality conflicts you may have with current LPF leadership, the system that is in place now is far fairer and better than the Good Ol' Boy system of the past. It is self evident by the fact that EC Member and head of the Nominating committee purposefully seeking your involvement in the LPF nominating process. This is the Email he sent you.

From: ******@****.com
Date: Wed, 1 Feb 2013 4:09:20
Subject: Libertarian Nominating Committee
To: ******@****.com
Mr. Smith
Do you wish to be vetted by the Libertarian Party of Florida? If so get back to me and we will start the process.
Greg Lennon
Chair Nominating Committee LPF

This is your reply:

From: ******@****.com
Date: Thu, 14 Feb 2013 00:47:50 -0500
Subject: Re: Libertarian Nominating Committee
To: ******@****.com

I will not be vetted by you or anyone else. I do not recognize such a vetting committee and say that neither you or anyone else will determinine if I am Libertarian. If I am treated any differently than any other registered Libertarian voter it will end in court.

John Wayne Smith

If you want any support from the LPF, of which you are a member, then why not allow yourself to be vetted by the Party. The Libertarian Party brand has value, in fact it has so much value that the State of Florida, charges every candidate a fee that it goves to the candidate's party for a candidate to use that party's name. The party is under no legal or moral obligation to return that money to the candidate using the LP name, it traditionally does so, but because the LPF has no means of controlling who uses the LPF name in elections, all it can do to insure that crackpots and plants from other parties don't use and abuse the LPF name, is support those candidates who clearly espouse libertarian values, thus vet candidates and either say We endorse this Libertarian or not.

Your reply to the LPF Nominating Committee is in fact saying, "I do not seek nor want the endorsement or support of the LPF." Why have you rejected the endorsement and approval of your own party, and why are you running as a Libertarian, having rejected your own party's endorsement.

Tom Rhodes
Chair LPF Rules Committee,
Chair LPF Platform Committee.

Unlike the other LPF candidates for Govenor, who are not attacking each other, here is John Wayne Smith's Reply where he clearly rejects the support and endorsement of the Libertarian Party of FLorida:

From: JWSMITH42000@aol.com
Sent: Thursday, February 14, 2013 1:36 PM
To: Rhodes, Tom
Subject: Re: Open Letter asking why you have rejected the endorsement of your own party?

Mr Rhodes:

Greg Lennon is an ignorant raving Lunatic who screwed up party records while he was secretary, and otherwise just has no idea what he is doing.

Adrian Wyllie is a lying thieving scum bag who has continuously disregarded the rule of law and the documents of the Libertarian Party. He will not correct errors pointed out in his doings. He just says "That is the way it will be" Because he has constantly ignored the law's he has put the Libertarian Party of Florida in danger.

His side kick Alex Snitker is trying to sell the LPF out for his own personal interest.

Lynn House is the actual acting chair in the absence of leadership from Mr. Wyllie and she is trying to also ignore the laws and be a dictator to be able to keep Mr. Wyllie out of trouble.

You, by your arrogant ways run off people who you do not like.

Other members of the current leadership of the LPF are just as ignorant and arrogant.

While there are some good people serving on the LPF Executive Committee there is not enough of them to stop the stupidity.

I just do not want anything to do with a political party who's supposed leadership as dishonest as the bunch of you.

And if you really want me to tell you how I feel, it would take several days to write it out.

As the organizer of this edition of the Libertarian Party of Florida, I find that it is only Libertarian in Name Only.

John Wayne Smith, Organizer of the Libertarian Party of Florida, 1986
Current Candidate for Governor of Florida.

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