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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

TEA Party Wins (and the Statists Don't Even Know They Were Beat)

By Tom Rhodes, 2/6/13

Although the press, and Obama, and the establishment GOP, are all claiming the TEA Party is dead, they are trying to hide the facts. The TEA Party effectively won. The TEA in TEA Party stands for Taxed Enough Already. In exchange for a modest tax increase on those earning more than $400K (not Obama's promised $250K) 99% of the Bush Tax cuts were made permanent, And real spending cuts are going to happen. Obama is now begging to kick the can down the road again so that the Sequester doesn't go into effect. Knowing GOP history he was confident in 2011 when he proposed the automatic cuts and insisted they become law, that he could keep spending. He was confident that the GOP would kick the can down the road and never let defense spending be cut. Oops, he discounted the TEA Party.

The problem is the people are tired of having their children sent to places that don't want us in a never ending war without any clear military objectives; while Obama sells F16 fighters to Islamists we are fighting in other countries. The TEA party elected people who promised to cut the size of government and demands those elected keep their promise. The ruling elite in Republican Party has declared open war on the TEA party, it upsets the statist model, insuring more and more government.

The TEA Party representatives have stealthily won. The Statists in both the Democrat and Republican parties now have to defend increasing taxes or not cutting spending with real votes, which they know will cost them support in the next election, or let the cuts happen. This is a Win-Win situation for the TEA Party, if representatives elected vote to tax or spend more, they know they will lose the next election, if they vote as promised the government will get about 11% smaller; not enough of a downsizing, but a start. In any case the TEA Party wins, with either more representation next election, or its real goal, a smaller government.

Let the Democrats crow about defeating the Republicans, the tax cuts made permanent is a TEA Party win. Let the Democrats cry, Obama insisted on the sequester, so there will be real government downsizing, a TEA Party win.

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, scolded Mr. Obama for lecturing Congress about the need to avoid the cuts he proposed saying, "If Democrats have ideas for smarter cuts, they should bring them up for debate, but the American people will not support more tax hikes in place of the meaningful spending reductions both parties already agreed to and the president signed into law."

Obama hasn't presented a budget. The Democrats haven't presented any alternatives. The plain facts are that the redistributive economic policies of Obama (and liberal statist Bush) have failed miserably. The fact that we are in a protracted economic depression and only Government spending artificially propping up the GDP numbers, allows the ruling elite to claim otherwise. Even that is now failing and we will most likely have an official recession again in the next few months. This one will be all Obama, even if he tries to blame Bush, it will be his continuing of the statist policies that prolonged and deepened the economic morass we are now in. It is now Obama's problem.

You'll have to do some digging because the press has tried to keep it quiet, but look at Iceland. Rather than force the citizens of Iceland to assume massive government debt, they let the banks take the hit. Iceland decided not to follow the rest of the world by bailing out the bankers. Instead, they chose to arrest them. Now their economy is recovering faster than the EU and the United States. But then they arrested corrupt bankers instead of approving millions in bonuses like the US. The idea that the government must bail out banks, or their will be economic collapse has been distinctly disproven. In the same 4 years the US has wallowed and stagnated, Iceland has become more economically stable, GDP is up well over 3% and unemployment is down to 6% and still falling.

The only real hope we have is if government spending is dramatically cut; true austerity. But that won't happen as long as corporate cronyism supported by statists of both parties continues. Iceland proves that the people can force dramatic changes in their government despite big government and centralized control. They told the EU and UN no. The results are a better Iceland. We the People have created a loose grass roots group that the GOP wants to control, the TEA Party, it is clearly libertarian in nature, and the people it elected are willing to cut government. Expect the statists in the GOP and Democrat to belittle, and try to negate the effect of the TEA Party, but reality is that in a few short years the TEA Party won major battles.

Results of the TEA Party are, Law that automatically makes real cuts in spending and making the Tax Cuts permanent done with a Democrat in the White House, Democrat Control of the Senate, and only about 100 members of the House. The TEA Party is dead? Hardly, it's winning and the statists don't even know they lost.

The betrayal of the TEA Party by the Republicans is causing many to look for an alternative. The LP is the natural home for the TEA Party except for our AAA image. That image of atheistic amoral anarchists must be changed. The LP must quit with our demand of ideologic purity and have a much more open tent. Crap like our constantly beating each other up over whose more libertarian has got to end. Massive wedge issues in the national party platform that drive out over ½ the country need to be removed. See the LPF Platform(http://www.lpf.org/platform) for a great example of what America can and will support. The reason we don't have more than 2% of the vote is our image not our values.

The TEA Party is actually winning, let the LameStream press and statists of the major parties delude themselves into thinking it's gone, or they can beat it. But We The People, have the power. We must keep the pressure on our representatives and other elected officials; it's working and we're winning. We don't need accolades, we need results, I don't care who claims the win for making the tax cuts permanent; the statists in Washington and the people know, it was a clear major victory for the TEA Party. We in the LPF need to embrace the TEA Party, accept its members, and offer a viable alternative the statist parties. We need to support the most libertarian candidates that can win. If we want to see liberty in our life time we must break the LP mold. The TEA party has shown it can be done.

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