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Friday, July 20, 2012

Voters in Florida have the Govt. They Want

Voters in Florida have the Govt. They Want
By Tom Rhodes, 9/20/2012

Voters of Florida, quit your bitchin' if you aren't getting the leadership you want. You continually vote for whoever is already in office and refuse to replace them with new people, new ideas, and don't hold any of them accountable. Tallahassee isn't accountable to you because you won't vote them out of office. Simply put they listen to lobbyists and donors, and can ignore you the voter, because you won't hold them accountable.

The simple fact is sitting lawmakers in Florida are assured of re-election as long as they want. Over the past 10 years, state records show that only 10 of 505 incumbent lawmakers have been defeated in bids for re-election. 98.9% of state Senators were re-elected - only 1 has been defeated in the past decade. 97.8 % of state house members were re-elected. You have made it clear to the people in Tallahassee, they can keep their job, and you the voter won't do squat!

Businesses not you the voter determine what is done in Tallahassee. Future House Speaker Chris Dorworth, R-Lake Mary, and Rep. Jason Brodeur, R-Sanford, raised around a quatrter million dollars in the past quarter through the Citizens for an Enterprising Democracy PAC. This money pays for meals, travel, political consulting and other expenses the lawmakers rack up campaigning. About a quarter of that came from Walt Disney, and you wonder why we have a "Mickey Mouse" government in Tallahassee. But don't forget drug software maker Automated Health Care Solutions, pari-mutuels and health-insurers who also helped Citizens for an Enterprising Democracy.
Since the end of the legislative session in March, Democratic and Republican candidates for House and Senate seats have created dozens new committees to bypassing the $500 campaign-contribution limits, and channeling big bucks into political ads. Records indicate that $1.25 million of these funds are from companies including Malaysian gaming giant Genting, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, U.S. Sugar Corp., Florida Medical Association, and others.

The data is there, but you the voter don't take the time to look, or care. You have the government in Florida you want. Your virtually guaranteed vote for the incumbent, has made it clear that government in Florida is of big business, by big business, and for big business. Just look at the state laws making it almost impossible for the little guy to get started. Wake Up Florida, throw these Good 'Ol Boys out and put in citizen legislators. Start by looking at the LibertyTakeOver2012, and the Libertarian Party. They are offering real alternatives to business as usual in Tallahassee.

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