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Monday, July 23, 2012

Miller in the Headlights

This past Saturday, for the first time, Calen Fretts and Jeff Miller were on the same stage together at the Bagdad Political Rally, along with a write-in candidate. Jim Bryan, representing the Democrats, was notably absent.

Calen went first, but Miller had pre-arranged the privilege of going last with the organizers. To outbursts of support from the audience, in a three minute speech Calen excoriated Miller on what he normally uses as his strongest point, his voting record. Calen talked about the $5 trillion in debt voted for by our “conservative” representative; how that only serves to financially crush the very people Miller claims to serve; how Miller votes for appalling limits on liberties; how Miller wishes to replace ObamaCare with a Republican MillerCare styled financial disaster; and how massive debt actually threatens defense and veterans. The truth was so powerful, when the next candidate for Congress spoke he started with, “I have to agree with Calen Fretts...”

Interrupted by boos, Jeff Miller opened a can of speech fluff, and did not address debt, nor healthcare, nor approaching bankruptcy. It was a plain vanilla, broad appeal to come together to help him continue his agenda.

For ten years Jeff Miller has had it relatively easy. His opposition has been light, and he has not had a committed opponent to his “say one thing but do another” voting record. Well, he’s got it now.

In Bagdad, Jeff Miller was a deer in Calen Fretts’ headlights.

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