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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Obamacare Reality

By Tom Rhodes, 7/17/2012

Now that the SCOTUS has resolved Obamacare is constitutional, and not paying Obamacare will result in a Tax, the law now makes it so that nobody has to have insurance. Because all pre-existing conditions must be covered by insurance companies nobody has to purchase insurance until they are sick and need it. You can opt out without paying any penalty saving thousands of dollars a year until you're sick.

Look at the facts. Obamacare forces insurance companies to take everybody and charge them the same, regardless of health. The result will be higher premiums, and encourage people to delay purchasing medical insurance until they need it. As insurance gets more expensive more people will delay purchasing it, so insurance will get more expensive and even more people will delay purchasing it, this is a cycle that will kill Obamacare and possibly all of healthcare in the USA.

Yes there is a tax associated with not buying insurance, it is far less than the cost of insurance, but the tax is optional, and you can ignore it. The fact is the way Obamacare is written, the IRS has no power to levy liens, force forfeiture, or prosecute those who refuse to pay the Obamacare tax. The IRS's only power is to withhold tax refunds. Fill out your W2 correctly and you end up not getting a tax refund or owing a little, then you don't get a refund; if you have no refund the IRS can't withhold it. You can pay zero tax and not have insurance until you find out you need it. Thus without fear you can even avoid the Obamacare tax. Any communications from the IRS trying to entice or scare tax payers to pay the Obamacare Tax will be ineffective because there is zero chance of penalty; once the public learns ignoring the Obamacare Tax results in zero problems why pay the tax. Just like not paying sales tax for your Amazon.com purchase.

Just as without any moral compulsion virtually everybody breaks the law everyday, we don't pay sales tax on items we buy on the internet, don't report cash income, roll through stop signs at 3am, have sex out of wedlock (still illegal in some places), etc. The overcriminalization of society means that disobedience to Obamacare will be wide spread. Because our government has so overstepped its bounds, the people no longer feel it is wrong to "cheat" the government.

There is no moral rationale for paying the Obamacare tax; Obamacare forcing insurance companies to charge the same and offer insurance regardless of existing health now makes it financially advantageous to go without insurance until after you need it. Obamacare cannot last; too bad our health care system will probably be ruined before Obamacare dies.

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