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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Socialism is the embodiment of the Seven Deadly Sins

by Tom Rhodes, 5/19/2012

In the name of “fairness” socialists like Spread-the-Wealth-Obama, famous for such statements as “At some point you’ve made enough money,” have taken the Seven Deadly Sins and attempt to make them morally acceptable.

The Seven Deadly Sins: Wrath, Greed, Sloth, Pride, Lust, Envy and Gluttony, make up the basis for socialism and statist actions.

Wrath: Obama told Charlie Gibson in an interview that although raising the taxes on the rich would decrease not increase government revenue, it had to be done to make things “fair”. Wrath, or revenge, upon those people who are more successful than most is the rationale, not fairness. In Obama's world it is only "fair" if the rich are punished for being successful.

Greed: Statists greedily want control and power even more than money. They hate individual liberty and freedom. Protecting individual liberty removes power from them. Look at the fight against changing our tax code which gives them the control and power to reward and punish using the tax code. Legally GE can get away with paying no taxes, while doctors and other small businessmen are crippled using the same laws. Tarp, the Stimulus, etc. are all socialist policies to reward those in power. Too Big to Fail is the excuse used to justify greed.

Sloth: Socialism, and current statists use “entitlements” to reward those who don’t work by “spreading the wealth.” From paying farmers not to plant certain crops or not to plant crops at all, to making it possible for generations to live on the dole, our entitlement programs have morphed from good programs taking care of the needy, to dependency programs rewarding those who can but won’t work.

Pride: Despite the historic failure of socialism wherever implemented, socialists continue to make claims to its moral superiority to free markets and liberty. From the first British colony to the USA to the 20th century Communist collapses, socialism has always resulted in poverty, starvation, and privation for the masses with luxury for the ruling elite. The claim that capitalism, not socialism, is the cause of poverty is an example of extremely prideful hubris.

Lust: This is one of the primary tools of socialists, from Marx to Hitler to Obama. All have shown that they use and embrace lust in the masses to destroy the social foundations of free and moral societies. The destruction of the traditional family has been espoused and is the method they are and have used to further enable power in the state and not with the people. Although no longer open about destroying the family, they now use “tolerance” to force normalization of lust on society. Obama's approval and call for same sex marriage as the moral equivalent of traditional marriage is a primary example of normalizing lust.

Envy: Socialists are simply envious of those who individually make life better for themselves. They support wealth redistribution, because they envy those who are successful. J. K. Rowling is obscenely rich, made so by hundreds of millions of people poorer than she freely trading some of their wealth for her stories. Socialists envy J.K. Rowling and her wealth saying that the hundreds of millions of people who’ve purchased Harry Potter and made J.K. Rowling wealthy were abused. The entire occupy movement is based on class envy and embraces envy as morally righteous.

Gluttony: Look at the ruling elite who espouse socialistic statism. The prime example is Al Gore who tells us all to live without internal combustion engines and use less power while personally and consistantly using more energy than a small town. Gluttony is the rule not the exception to the ruling elite, especially the socialist ruling elite who can never have enough power.

Thinking like socialistic statists the seven deadly sins are virtues, and are openly used to espouse both socialism and statism.

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