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Thursday, May 10, 2012

New York Town Implements Libertarian Taxing Strategy

By Tom Rhodes 5/10/2012

New Rochelle N.Y., looking at decreased revenue and increased costs, like many US towns is strapped for cash. Being responsible to its citizens and recognizing that they have limited funds, in their 2012 budget New Rochelle eliminated some of their towns holiday celebrations including their Fourth of July Fireworks, their Memorial Day and Thanksgiving Parades. Although these civic events are very important they took the responsible action.

Canceling these events saves the citizens of New Rochelle $135,000. Such austerity measures are hard to accept for many people, and the city of New Rochelle wants to put these events on for its businesses, citizens, and community. So rather than raise taxes or borrow money, they have asked for citizens for VOLUNTARILY support (tax themselves) to pay for these traditional holiday celebrations.

So far these targeted donations have covered the cost of the Memorial Day parade, and it looks like donations will also cover the Thanksgiving parade. These Parades cost $30,000 each. It doesn't look like they will collect enough to put on the July 4th Fireworks, at $75,000 it is a substantial cost.

New Rochelle Mayor, Noam Bramson, said New Rochelle is in a "time of fiscal challenge" and depends on the support of donations to help out. What an awesome position for a town to take, that it can and does depend upon its citizens and business community to make the right decisions about what the town can and can't do. No, it hasn't eliminated property taxes, but it is a huge step in the right direction. A town recognizing that it governs and provides services at the consent of the governed, including "depending" upon citizen and local businesses to support for such actions as parades, fireworks, etc. is the reality of implementing of libertarian ideology.

If you want to support a town calling for truly voluntary not forced taxation, for the communities luxuries you can donate by calling 914-654-2087.

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