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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Gun Control is Racist

Jeff Knox wrote a very good article Oh, What Those 'Other People' Might Do noting how "Throughout history "those other people" have been the impetus for free people to empower tyranny and adopt chains."

Virtually every discussion I have with gun control zealots involves some form of them using the gun deaths in inner cities as a reason to further restrict everybody's access to guns. Always ignoring that the places they use to prove we need more gun restrictions already have draconian gun restrictions, they just want those same or similar restrictions on the places that don't have high levels of gun violence. The fact is they fear and want to keep "those people" un-armed. Note the examples most used gun control zealots are minorities, usually blacks. Gun laws in this country that restrict access to guns are are generally far more draconian in places that have high minority (black) populations. What gun control zealots are saying is No Guns for Negros.

Please take the time to watch this very powerful movie, and then think about the motives behind restrictive gun laws.

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Link to original please share

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