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Friday, May 21, 2010

Too much government hits Homosassa Springs Wildlife Park.

My family has been visiting the Homosassa Springs Fish Bowl since the mid 60’s. The spectacular view from the fishbowl was always the highlight to any visit. The glass to the fishbowl requires cleaning on a regular basis.

Mike Wright in the Citrus county Chronicle reports that “Until last December, volunteers cleaned the outer glass. Then the DEP strengthened its commercial diving regulations, requiring more training before divers can be certified.”

Now we have paid people doing the job of volunteers, adding to the cost for the state and the park (thus we the people). I’ve looked to find where there had ever been a problem with the volunteers cleaning the fishbowl. I cannot find any record of any incident, ever.

Park Manager Art Yerian said “I think it’s a great thing. If it makes things safer, how can anyone argue with that?” Yerian’s quote is typical of government employees. It put the job into government hands, and made it more difficult for private citizens. It adds to the cost, and in as much as there are no recorded incidences of anybody being hurt, how much safer than 100% success rate for years.

Just another example of Too Much Government.

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  1. Let's add to this: The US Forest Service is always requesting help to maintain trails for off-road vehicles (not to mention we pay yearly fees and permits to access those trails). BUT we can not remove downed trees or trim with a chainsaw.... unless we attend and pass a 4 DAY chainsaw class! 4 Days!!!!!!!