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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

More Government Based on Lies

BMI – Body Mass Index, quite possibly the most useless health measurement ever devised. It determines if you’re obese, overweight, or normal. It is an old standard that most doctors agree is not very accurate, or useful. The government is now trying to pass a law requiring all doctors to collect the BMI number and give it to the government. Why? What concern of the federal government is it if the population is skinny or fat? It’s a power grab, they have passed healthcare laws, and will now use that law to determine what people can eat, etc.

The Federal government doesn’t believe what you choose to eat should be your choice. According to the Obama Justice Department you do not have a fundamental right to obtain any food you wish. The government, not you, can and will determine what you should eat.

The Government as usual is wrong, and not only is it infringing on the constitution, but on your rights as a person. It comes down to property rights, do you own yourself or does the government own you? If the government owns you then it can determine what you should eat, how and where you should live, how much money you should be able to earn. Obviously Obama believes the people of this country are slaves to the government. To quote Obama, "at some point, you have made enough money."

Politicians with the power to determine each citizen's income and each citizen’s food choice are no longer public servants. They are public masters. If what you are allowed to keep of your own labor, if what you are allowed to keep of your own property, and what you are allowed to eat is determined by some master, by any reasonable definition that makes you a slave.

The stupidity of the BMI can be best expressed by an experience I had with my son. My son was a swimmer and wrestler in high school and can knock out a 100 pushups without breaking a sweat. As a wrestler, the school requires a special physical, because many wrestlers cut weight and reduce their body fat to un-healthy levels. To protect the health of student athletes, they are required to go to a doctor and have their percentage of body fat calculated. Based on those results they are told if they are allowed reduce weight to lower weight classes.

Based on my son’s 7% body fat that the school hired doctor measured, I received a letter from the school informing me that could not cut any weight, and would not be allowed to wrestle in any weight class less than 135 pounds. At the same time the school measured every student’s weight and height and calculated their BMI. Two days after receiving the official school letter saying my son was not allowed to cut any weight, I received a letter telling me my son was overweight and at risk of being obese, and offered diet and exercise suggestions, and “counseling.”

I called the school and asked to talk to the counselor about my son’s weight “problem.” We talked about his caloric intake, he was eating around 6000 Calories a day (trust me dual sport high school athletes cost a fortune to feed), and she was not surprised at his being overweight and suggested we reduce his food to less than 2000 Calories until he lost some weight, and asked how we could encourage him to get at least another hour of exercise every day. I said he’s in the pool with the swim team at 5am, and swims about a mile and a half before coming to class, and after school is in the weight room and wrestling room from 3 to 6 pm, and was running several miles every weekend morning to “maintain” as he put it, so I asked why the 5+ hours of exercise he got everyday wasn’t enough, and what should I do with the other letter her department sent me saying he wasn’t allowed to lose any weight because his body fat was low. She said well the BMI was only a guide, and obviously my son was health and this didn’t pertain to him. I asked if he was still going to be reported as overweight and in danger of being obese, and she said yes because his BMI was high, but that we shouldn’t worry about it, it was just for government reporting purposes.

At his high school between football, soccer, volleyball, tennis, baseball, track, cross country, swimming, wrestling, weight lifting, rowing, softball, and intramural sports, at least a quarter of the students are athletes, it is a big joke among them that almost all of them are classified as overweight or obese. These kids know it’s a lie to say that they are overweight.

Student athletes are generally the higher performing students in a school; they work harder, and statistically perform better and are more productive citizens after they graduate. How does the government expect productive young people to take the government seriously and trust what the government has to say when they are obviously being lied to? The blatant false claims by our government do nothing but undermine the faith our children have in it. If you know your government is willing to lie to you to get you to justify taking away your rights, then by the governments own example, it must be acceptable to lie to the government to get what you want. How can lying to the government about your taxes be wrong, if the government can lie to you? The lesson our children are getting is that the government lies (or worse is totally inept), and cannot be trusted. The consequences will be a citizenry who do not support the government, think it is acceptable to cheat the government, and in general a cynical attitude to anything the government does. The real world example of this is Greece.

Yes there are some fat kids in school, but claiming that 30% of our children are overweight, as reported in some studies, is crap. This is based on the BMI, which doesn’t take into consideration athletes, or active kids, or people in excellent shape but heavy on the muscle side. The government knowingly reports students who are in prime physical condition as overweight. If you were conspiratorial you’d think that the government is trying to make a crisis where one doesn’t exist, just so they can fix it.

Is there really a problem with overweight kids? The news and Mrs. Obama are saying it’s a “public health crisis.” She said child obesity, "It's threatening our children, it's threatening our families and, more importantly, it's threatening the future of this nation." The reality according to the CDC;
• Percent of adolescents age 12-19 years who are overweight: 18%
• Percent of children age 6-11 years who are overweight: 15%
• Percent of children age 2-5 years who are overweight: 11%

I’m sorry but those numbers don’t look like a crisis, considering a significant number of student athletes will fall into that overweight category those numbers look more like a normal distribution of people over a large population where some are skinny some are normal and some are overweight, and hardly something the federal government should be able to use as an excuse to determine what kind of food you can eat. If you’re listening to Michelle Obama about a crisis of overweight kids, it’s a lie! It’s just another nanny state lie, perpetrated to take more control over the everyday lives of “We the People.” It’s a lie to slowly turn sovereign citizens into virtual slaves.

Oh, my swimmer/wrestler son is two years out of high school and in the military; he’s still obsessed with eating right and staying in shape but not about his weight. This photo is about 3 months old, taken just before he shipped out to the Middle East. In it he’s gained around 20 pounds since high school, so according to the government he is obese. The rules (laws) our government now proposes are based on lies. Just remember that when the government gives you numbers saying we have an obesity crisis, that this is an image of what the government counts as obese.

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