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Thursday, January 29, 2015

The Road to Barbarism

by Tom Rhodes, 1/29/2015

The road to barbarism is paved with good intentions. Let’s start with the definition so we’re on the same page. Barbarism being a barbarous or uncivilized state or condition. Sort of a circular definition so to be clear when saying something is barbarous, the meaning is clear. Barbarous means uncivilized; wild; savage; crude; savagely cruel or harsh: Modern western civilization is clearly reverting to barbarism, by opening its arms and letting inviting it to take over.

The following by most reasonable standards of western civilization are clearly barbaric acts; crucifixion, kidnapping girls and giving them away as wives or selling them into slavery, stoning for adultery, beheading people for religious beliefs, purging entire cities of people over religious beliefs, throwing acid on a woman’s face, slavery. These are all barbaric acts that happen in the news today.

Our acceptance of such barbarism is an indicator that we are becoming a barbaric not civilized culture. Our culture is rotting from within. The idea that is no moral difference between the Islamist barbarians waving hatchets at children in African orphanages run by Christian missionaries and American soldiers shooting armed terrorists in Iraq, you clearly are not civilized and embrace barbaric acts as equivalent to non-barbaric acts.

The idea that our government calls barbarians planning and acting out murderous deeds “workplace violence,” the logical conclusion is that the culture war is over and the barbarians have won. We no longer have civilized people writing our laws, prosecuting our criminals, and running our courts.

The source of this rot is easy to identify, multiculturalism. Rather than expecting immigrants to assimilate and change their culture to match where they move, we expect culture to adopt the ways of immigrants, or at least tolerate the invasion of cultures. When those immigrants are barbarians, civilized culture rots to barbarism.

From our entertainment to the actions of our president. As a society we are becoming barbaric. As entertainment we accept gory violence, rape, adultery, and a host of immoral and illegal acts as acceptable and “normal.” Society has unequivocally coarsened to savage standards. Liberty and freedom are dangerous, but for an uncivilized society much more dangerous. Our culture is rotting at its core. 30 years ago our president said “Well, when the president does it that means that it is not illegal,” that and his actions resulted in impeachment and being forced from office, and all he was guilty of was listening in on other politicians. Today the press, and political class praise the president for acting like a Warlord the way barbarian societies have done for eons. Our president openly defies the Constitution, and makes up laws at will, and clearly contradicts the laws as he sees fit, and the press and political elite justify it because the will of the people as expressed through their representatives won’t do as the warlord wants. That is an indicator of a society that is barbaric not civilized. The rule of law is gone.

Multiculturalism is the root of our cultural rot. Rather than having a culture that expects those who want to live within the benefits of that culture adopt the cultural norms, we’re destroying the culture by expecting society to accept barbaric and outlandish behavior. In essence multiculturalism asks majorities to abandon their culture.

Not all cultures are equal. Cultures that not only condone but call for barbaric acts as normative, are not equal to civilized cultures. Cultures that don’t believe in the rule of law, and believe laws should vary based on belief, birth, race, sex, etc. are not equal to civilized cultures that believe in both the rule of law and equality under the law. Such cultures are inferior and should be openly treated as such. Multiculturalism fatally handicaps a society. The idea that our culture is not superior to clearly barbaric cultures undermines our entire society, and is evidence of a society that is rotting from within.

Accepting people to live and be part of our society who reject the basic tenets on which our culture was established, is the seed that will destroy our society. If you reject the idea that all laws should apply to everybody equally, and that no person or group should have special rights, privileges, or punishments that differ from any other individual, you should not be allowed to enter our society.

Multiculturalism, the idea that you can have a society where people don’t have a shared set of values, and establishes governance on the idea that everybody’s values are equally valid, is not sustainable. Forcing multiculturalism on a society will not preserve the best of that society, it is observably destroying the fabric of the societies that embrace it.

The idea of multiculturalism, like many other utopian ideas, sounds like a nice concept. The intentions of those who promote multiculturalism are good. Those ideas ignore reality, not all cultures are equal, not all cultures are compatible, not all people have the same values. No amount of trying to force multiculturalism on a society will work anymore than trying to force people not to do drugs, or drink, or gamble is going to work. It assumes that all people are the same. They are not. Just as the road to hell is paved with good intentions, the road to barbarism is paved with multiculturalism.

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