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Friday, January 30, 2015

Main Stream Media is Biased

By Tom Rhodes, 1/30/2015

Yesterday I posted a short note on why you should not trust the Main Stream Media. Noting that the bias the news and try to control what you know about in order to help the government control the people. Yesterday’s example was just exposing the simple fact that there could be 200,000 people of all races and sexes and ages at a civil rights protest in Washington DC, on a cold January 22 in mid-winter, and the MSM didn’t even bother to tell you.

Today I will point out an example is far more egregious. Did you know that on January 16, in the name of their god, members of the religion of peace, Islam, burned down 45 churches in one country alone. The lack of the MSM coverage is to the point of negligence

Imagine the MSM coverage if 45 mosques were burned down in Italy, and the excuse was because some no-name Turkish satire magazine printed some derogatory pictures of the pope. Now image the press coverage didn’t interview a single Muslim leader from one of those mosques, nor even a single Muslim who attended one of those mosques. Now Imagine that in the very slight (about 5 total paragraphs between AP and Reuters) to that they quote an Italian Cardinal stressing Catholicism is a religion of peace and that most Catholics didn’t participate (while never condemning the act or the perpetrators). That is exactly what happened only the country was Niger, where Islamists burned down 45 churches because a no-name magazine in France printed derogatory pictures of Muhammad.

Obviously the MSM is trying to divert attention from the truth that doesn’t protect their agenda that multiculturalism will cure all our evils, and that we should ignore the fact that the overwhelming majority of barbaric violence in the world is being committed by Islamists, and that everywhere Islamists become a substantial percentage of the population, violence against Christians and Jews to drive them out or underground happens. It doesn’t matter that most Muslims are peaceable, they do nothing to stop the small number of Muslims who resort to violence against others.

The January 16th burning of 45 Christian Churches by Muslims in a single day in Niger should have been the biggest news after the Charlie Hebdo massacre. Instead the MSM covered it up. More than just being a voice for the state, the MSM is actively hostile to Christianity. Don’t trust the MSM, get your news someplace else.

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