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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Why do we tolerate evil by our government?

By Tom Rhodes, 8/27/2014

Political correctness is leading to the destruction of our society. It has become so pervasive and endemic, that it has twisted the very fiber of society. We are no longer allowed to honestly label that which is evil. In fact using the word evil isn’t even allowed in today’s vernacular.

First let me be clear when I say something is evil I want there to be no mistake about it. Evil is that which is morally wrong or bad; immoral; wicked; malevolent; malicious; foul; sinful, etc. The news of the past month has covered what is clearly evil but cannot nor will not mention it, and beyond that is attacking those who would point out that which is evil.

In Ferguson, a young man of very large stature, committed a strong armed robbery, they walked down the middle of the road obstructing other people, got belligerent with a cop who told him to move to the sidewalk, and in the ensuing scuffle the cop got a fractured eye socket, and the young man was killed. The entire episode would have been avoided if the young man simply respected other people and respected legitimate authority and obeyed the cop. The young man’s actions were evil, and he paid the ultimate price for his actions.

On the side of a California freeway, an officer is seen punching a woman on the ground more than 11 times in the face, the video is clear she is not physically resisting. This cops actions were evil.

An on-duty Los Angeles police officer beat a man with a baton as the victim was on his knees with his hands on his head, and it was captured on security video. This cops actions were evil.

Last May, police in Habersham County, Ga., broke into a house in the middle of the night, looking for a meth dealer who no longer lived there. While attacking the house, the SWAT team tossed a flashbang grenade into a crib, severely burning a 19-month-old boy. The action of this SWAT team was evil, as were the actions of the government in creating an environment where using a SWAT team for a military style pre-dawn raid including throwing flasbangs into a house just to issue a search warrant for a non-violent crime is evil.

Two FDNY EMTs who had to intervene to stop four police officers beating a handcuffed patient on a stretcher. FDNY documents show that the cops only stopped when the EMTs bodily intervened. The action of these cops was evil.

SWAT teams routinely use excessive violence resulting in innocent deaths, or far disproportionate force for non-violent crimes, it’s now so routine it doesn’t make the evening news. Internal investigations in almost all cases say the police were justified.

We as a society have perverted what is good and evil so that we are no longer allowed to identify it. We see those who are supposed to protect and serve repeatedly do evil with no consequences. The result is that the people have had enough. When a cop does do the right thing and does stop evil, as in Ferguson, it assumption is that it was the cop who did evil. The reason is so many people assume it was the cops who did evil, is that they so often do evil, and abuse their authority that police doing evil is expected. The natural result is a lack of respect and loss of any moral obligation to obey authority. In fact the very legitimacy of police authority is questionable.

The police have so abused their authority, and when caught so often close ranks and protect their own, that they are losing their ability to legitimately enforce our laws. Our court system is so perverted that unless you are rich and can afford a very expensive lawyer, your screwed. Even with video evidence of government wrong doing, you lose. In the case of the woman on the side of the freeway being repeatedly beaten, the internal investigation says it was justified and not an excessive use of force. No rational person could watch that video and think the cop was justified.

The legitimacy of government police is now in question. The overabundance of evidence that clearly demonstrates that rather than serve the people to protect every individual’s natural rights to life, liberty and property, the police now exist to control the populace, search out petty infractions to raise revenue, and serve the ruling class. The laws are now such that no rational or reasonable person can even travel across town and not violate some law, that can be used as a pretext by police to ticket, search, and otherwise relieve the citizens of their money and liberty.

Brown is dead, he was a young man who did evil and was shot by police. He’s dead because as a society we refuse to call evil what it is – evil. He had no respect nor trust in “legitimate” authority. The people of Ferguson, rioted because of evil. They didn’t denounce the evil actions of Brown because compared to the evil of “legitimate” authority, they were nothing. Accepting the routine cover up by police protecting the thin blue line and the now common place position that internal investigations justify police abusing power is evil.

When the people have no choice but to accept the abuse by police, and no means to meaningfully address grievances against the government using force; watch our leaders in DC ignore the rule of law; watch the rich and powerful get off of crimes that the government uses to destroy the lives of the common man, when we watch our leaders make themselves exempt from the same laws they use force to make the common man obey; we know as a society that evil reigns, and the legitimacy of our government is an illusion.

Looking at what evidence available, Brown’s death was probably a morally and legally justified shooting by the police, and the riots in Ferguson are disproportionate to that specific event. But. . . . . because of the overall evil actions of police, and disproportionate use of force that is now routine by police, and the abuse of power by police, and overwhelming laws making it virtually impossible to exist without braking some law, and laws enforced unevenly by police playing favoritism, the riots are a rational response to a government that is becoming increasingly tyrannical.

The Ferguson riots are the tip of an iceberg, they urban equivalent to the rural Bundy standoff. The people of this country will not tolerate a tyrannical government. Contrary to what the statists in Washington want to believe, and want the people to believe, the people of this country can and will stand up to the government. If the police all across this nation don’t start respecting the people, don’t try to act more like Barney Fife than GI Joe, what little hold they have left on being the “legitimate” authority with the people will die. They will just be considered another violent gang and will be treated as such. Feared and paid deference while necessary, and obliterated by their rivals when caught alone, or outside their territory. Accepting evil and refusing to label evil as evil, even when done in the name of “legitimate” authority, has destroyed our society. Why do we tolerate evil by our government?

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